LEC Summer 2022 Week 6 Day 2: Astralis Upset Over A Free Falling Rogue! Misfits Demolish SK Gaming!

Week 6 Day 2 of LEC Summer 2022 opens with an Astralis upset over a free falling Rogue. Misfits demolish SK Gaming’s surge with an abrupt beatdown!

Misfits vs SK Gaming

I was quite disappointed by how one-sided this game was…

Both teams were looking relatively good going into this match, so I was expecting a back and forth banger, with perhaps a photo finish for Misfits.

Instead it was simply a gargantuan Misfits mid/jg gap, with both reigning MVP Vetheo and returning crowd favorite Zanzarah just running amok over SK Gaming, taking advantage of Gilius’s terrible Vi game to execute early plays and build big gold leads.

Gilius’s failed flash against Irrelevant’s Shyvana gifted the Misfits top laner a free First Blood Solo Kill, and Zanzarah abused the flash discrepancy to get Vetheo ahead.

I am very interested in both teams’ trajectories with how abrupt this game turned out:

Will the honeymoon phase with Zanzarah potentially give Misfits a chance to make a late season push to Top 4 in the standings?

Will SK Gaming fall back into irrelevancy following their shocking loss to Misfits?

Only time will tell…

MVP: Vetheo (3)

Astralis vs Rogue

If Rogue are taking it easy in the regular season so they can avoid burnout when they ramp up for playoffs, that’s fine…

If not, we have a problem…

Malrang has been quite horrible these past few games, and without Rogue’s signature engine propelling them through early game, none of the other Rogue members look sharp enough to step up to the plate and take initiative.

Credit to Astralis for snowballing off of one simple ill-executed gank from Malrang, but the entirety of Rogue simply look like toothless dogs just waiting until they lose.

No aggression and absolutely no coordination.

JeongHoon had himself an inspiring performance on the Bard. The Korean import has been one of the better supports across the league for the whole split, and compared to an anemic Trymbi, he is much more aggressive and willing to take risks to find an advantage for his team.

MVP: JeongHoon (1)