T1 Reclaim Top Spot as Damwon Continues to Fall LCK Summer 2022 Power Rankings

1. T1

After falling last week to KDF, T1 was given the opportunity to reclaim their position as the best team in the LCK in a huge match against Gen.G. The series was an epic three-game thriller that saw Oner and Zeus continue to be two of the best players in the world as they narrowly defeated Gen.G. The second match for T1 was a joke match against Fredit in which they picked the biggest meme comp of the year so far inn an easy 2-0. Their huge win shows that T1 still has not lost to another top team this year and is still the strongest team in the LCK.

2. Gen.G

Gen.G has looked for most of the season as the most dominant team of the split so far but a huge loss to T1 shows that they still need to improve if they are to take the LCK title from the defending champs. This being said nobody has looked to be in the same realm as T1 and Gen.G keeping them in the top two. They still showed a strong showing 2-0ing DRX another top team.

3. Liiv Sandbox

Sandbox is by far and away the most improved team in this split. The addition of Prince has caused Sandbox to vault itself into an actual contending position for a Worlds spot. With a huge loss from Damwon against DRX Sandbox pushes themselves into the third slot on the rankings. This team is dangerous with solid play around the map and elite play at the ADC position they can threaten any team in Korea. They will have the opportunity to cement themselves further against Gen.G this week.

4. DRX

DRX had a huge statement victory over Damwon last week leading to their placement at fourth this week. DRX does not have the most well-rounded team in the LCK but has the potential at key positions to take games off of the top-tier teams demonstrated this week. The loss to Gen.G was a key game that keeps them lower as they have failed two beats the top two teams so far. Hopefully, in the second half of the split, they are able to show stronger performances over the top three so far this split.

5.Damwon Kia

What a disappointment this season has been. After re-adding superstar toplaner Nuguri the expectations of this team were worlds contenders and they have yet to show that they can defeat the other top teams in their own region. With losses to T1, Gen.G, and now DRX they have continued to fail to show up against the best in Korea. The team is still incredibly talented and should be able to contend but a trip to worlds is no longer seen as a guarantee for this team.

6.Kwangdong Freecs

KDF had one of the easiest weeks possible in the LCK facing KT and BRO but unlike the teams below them, they showed strength against the weaker teams beating them both. KDF still has a lot of talent around them that’s not the question. They just still continue to struggle to get leads and have good team play overall. They showed it last week as they defeated T1 but need to show a stronger showing against other top teams in order for that win to look less flukey.

7.kt Rolster

KT showed lots of resilience in two long three-game series last week finishing 1-1 losing to KDF but defeating NS.KT has continued to struggle overall this split but has some silver linings in both Rascal who continues to show he is one of the best players in the league and Vicla has also shown to be incredibly talented in his stints up from challenger. Hopefully, KT can do what they did the last split and make another push for the playoffs at the end of the split but I can’t imagine they have any loftier goals.


I seriously thought about putting HLE up here as they continue to take games against much stronger competition but NS has too much talent and has at least won one more match against the HLE so they remain here. NS can be so good but they can not close out a game. Up nearly 10k gold with baron against KT they were unable to close it out, it’s horrible. This team can be so good but until they figure out how to actually win they will continue to stay near the bottom of the rankings.

9. Hanwha Life Esports

HLE has shown so many flashes of talent winning games against DRX and Sandbox two of the best teams in the LCK. They could be a better team in the future but are still unable to win a best of three against anyone except for the best worst team. This team is a few decisions away from being in playoff contention but they definitely won’t be this split.

10.Fredit Bro

I mean is there anything to say about Fredit they are terrible in basically every aspect of the game so far. T1 played a full meme comp against them and they were unable to do anything. This team needs to entirely change the roster if they wish to make the playoffs again.