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High Quality Non Skid Design TPE Car Foot Mat

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TPE car foot mats have the advantage of being waterproof, wear-resistant and easy to clean.

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Details of TPE foot mats

TPE car mats are made of environmentally friendly material, no inferior rubber smell emitted, the car leather mats produced by Bensen can be basically odorless and will not cause damage to human health. In the selection of materials using environmentally friendly non-toxic TPE raw materials, the foot mats made without health risks. The use of a unique process to make the car mats can be perfectly formed, the size in line with the size of the measurement obtained, will not be stuck in the brake throttle, reducing the probability of traffic accidents caused by the inappropriate size when driving. The back side adopts anti-slip design to ensure that the foot mats will not move when driving. In addition, the installation of TPE car foot mats can also absorb noise, making the cab quieter.

Advantages of TPE floor mats

● Eco-friendly material

TPE also named thermoplastic elastomer, it has high elastic like rubber, and

high strength, high elastic resilience, environmental non-toxic. It is excellent, durable and touch feeling soft, hot&cold weather resistance, fatigue resistance, and temperature resistance (using temperature range is under 50- 100C), easy to processing, need not cure, and recycled.

TPE materials due to its excellent characteristics, mostly used in medical supplies industry, automotive supplies industry, food industry and toy industry, etc. It is also can be whole shape by productionneed not glue, to make the goods no smell.

● Wear-resistant and waterproof

TPE car foot mats have wear-resistant waterproof characteristics, wear-resistant TPE foot mats have a long service life and can be used repeatedly. Because it also has the nature of waterproof, in the rain and snow weather into the car will not cause permanent stains on the foot mats.

● Easy to clean

Light stains can be wiped with paper towels or wet wipes, stubborn stains can be rinsed with a water gun, simple cleaning can be done at home. In addition, TPE foot mats become dry quickly, in sunny weather to clean the car, about 1-2 hours TPE car mats can be completely dry and used again.

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