T1 Makes History Again as they Top Gen.G 3-1 in LCK Spring Grand Finals 2022

T1 vs Gen.G

Two very different journeys were taken to get to the LCK finals, with T1 coming out with the perfect season and breezing past a surprising KDF in the semifinal round.  Gen.G however had some struggles in the regular season with issues with Covid and one of the closest series in recent LCK history in the semis against DK. The finals were shaping up to be a great match where the finally healthy Gen.G could take on the undefeated powerhouse that was T1. Game one was an incredible start T1 going with an early game comp struggled against Gen.G and was getting outplayed macro and in kills for most of the game but a huge mistake at Baron let T1 take the game. The next game was a clown fiesta if I had ever seen one with T1 taking early control; they never fully cemented their lead, being caught out many times and losing multiple fights to lose the game. These two games made the series look potentially very exciting but the final two games would nip this in the bud. Games three and four would see T1 stop messing around and come out and completely dominate Gen.G from start to finish; there was no real potential of T1 losing these games. Gumayusi was stellar through each game from a 10 kill first game to huge team fights in game three. Oner had two phenomenal games on Viego where he out-ganked and out-farmed Peanut. T1 was the better team and played like it but Gen.G definitely did not play at the top of their game and in the eyes of many lost every draft giving them a huge disadvantage in each game. This T1 team has proven to be the best domestic Korean team ever but to take the mantle of 2015 SKT they will need to prove their worth at MSI against international competition. Lucky for them they won’t have to travel far as MSI is being held in Busan, South Korea.

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