2022 LEC Summer W1D2: Elyoya’s MVP Split; The Ol’ Splyce Boys Take Out BDS

Elyoya has a solid chance of taking home the MVP this split with Nisqy as his mid laner. The Ol’ Splyce Boys take out BDS in dominant fashion.

Astralis vs BDS

The ol’ Splyce boys know a thing or two about League of Legends because Astralis are looking mighty fine with three of them reunited again on the same team. The perennial last place team held the reigning champs at bay for some time yesterday, and today, they simply overtook BDS, finding key skirmishes and punishing over aggression to sweep BDS off their feet and net their first win of the split.

Key performers were Kobbe on the reworked Zeri, dipping in and out of abilities to rain down hellfire about BDS members and Dajor, who has been having a steady improvement curve from his rookie split.

The MVP of the game was Vizicsacsi, however, with his terrific Ornn play that set up huge AOE CC zones that his team capitalized off of to push their engages forward.

The current meta favors Vizicsacsi and Astralis quite a bit – the old Splyce team had a similar play-for-bot playstyle that propelled Kobbe into MVP discussions; old man Viziscacsi can thank his lucky stars he didn’t get dropped off in a top lane carry meta upon his return to the big leagues.

MVP: Viziscacsi (1)

Berlin, Germany – June 18 — during the 2021 League of Legends European Championship Series Week 1 at the LEC Studio on June 18 2022 in Berlin Germany (Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games)

SK Gaming vs MAD Lions

Oh man, isn’t it lovely to see Nisqy back in professional play… The perpetually unrated mid laner of MAD Lions comes up triumphs once again with an exquisite Swain performance, combining with his young superstar jungler to set up early game invades that propelled them to an early gold lead versus SK Gaming.

I think people haven’t fully grasped just how strong this iteration of MAD Lions is – it wasn’t that long ago when Elyoya and Kaiser ruled Europe as a jg/support duo and now they’ve added quite possibly the greatest 3v3 mid laner in all of western League of Legends.

Nisqy has been consistently setting up his jungler to look good ever since his C9 days with Svenskeren and Blaber, and I expect him to propel the blossoming Elyoya into an MVP split with his great ability to play around his jungler’s timings.

UNF0RGIVEN had himself another great game on the Zeri, which seems to be out of control in the LEC as far as I’ve seen, picking up the MVP for his daring teamfights and clean mechanical execution.