LEC Summer 2022: Sertuss Has His Best Week So Far! MAD Lions Take Down Astralis Despite Some Hiccups.

Sertuss has his best week so far with another splendid performance, this time on the Sylas against Excel. MAD Lions take down Astralis despite some hiccups.

SK Gaming vs Excel

It seems like their win against G2 was not a fluke as SK Gaming does it again, completing their 2-0 against stiff competition Excel. Sertuss had another monster game, this time on the Sylas, being a powerful engine alongside Gilius to propel SK Gaming through Excel.

Excel had a picture-perfect comp to play around Patrik and snowball his Draven but the opportunities never surfaced because of how bad Markoon and Nukeduck were being outplayed by SK’s mid/jg duo.

The league has gotten very interesting with top teams faltering and perennial bottom dwellers having exceptional games, now that their rookies are getting stronger through experience.

SK Gaming has had this ability to randomly pull off the most random of upsets through last split – we’ll see if this is simply a flash in the pan or something they can potentially build into a playoff qualification.

MVP: Sertuss (2)

Astralis vs MAD Lions

It got dicey again for the MAD Lions as they once again threatened to blow their own advantage after Astralis aced them in the top lane, but they rebounded nicely following a clutch string of plays by Elyoya to pick up the win.

They were simply dominant against Astralis in the early game, capitalizing off Dajor’s lack of Cleanse versus a Lissandra to find pick and snowball that into UNF0RGIVEN’s Samira.

Astralis’s crafty feint into top inhibitor take benefitted them greatly until the end of the game, to the point where they were able to use it to induce a base race scenario with Vizicsacsi’s Camille but it was too little, too late, and MAD Lions pick up their sixth win of the split.

MVP: Elyoya (2)

Berlin, Germany – July 15 — during the 2022 League of Legends European Championship Series Week 4 at the LEC Studio on July 15 2022 in Berlin Germany (Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games)