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Bensen’s new silk ring foot carpet can absorb all kinds of dust and mud, and have a strong dirt-absorbing ability, which can keep the interior of the car clean for a long time, and are suitable for use all year round.

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Introduction of silk ring foot carpet

The silk circle foot mat is a new type of car foot carpet. It is made of PVC type of raw materials, the bottom of the PVC bottom rubber, the surface of the silk-like surface layer, and then through the adhesive or hot melt way to make. And the use of high-density rubber and plastic silk circle material, soft, elastic, hand-cut, beautifully packaged. The use of imported materials, high-quality PVC gel softness will not be cold or hot climate change significantly, all seasons, environmentally friendly materials, comfortable and safe, breathable sound insulation, easy to clean, fast drying, non-slip, flame retardant, durable, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, scraping sand and mud, anti-static, water distribution, anti-mold anti-bacterial, anti-aging. Luxury silk ring foot mats are also now most car owners will choose a foot mat.

Detail of silk ring foot carpet

Item Name Silk Ring Foot Carpet
Brand Name Bensen Leather
Shape Carpet
Material Eco-friendly PVC
Advantage Colorful to choose, comfortable and soft
Color Black, red, brown, or custom color
Size Customized size
Feature Easy care, water and stain resistant, super wear resistant, weather resistant
Pattern Plain
Foot Pad Type Silk Ring Foot Carpet
Ingredient Content 91% Containing- 100% Not Containing
OEM/ODM Accepted
Delivery Time 2-5 days for sample orders, 7-20 days for customized production
Place of Origin China

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Bensen Leather

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