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Factory Price Silk Ring Foot Carpet for Auto

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Bensen’s new silk ring foot carpet has added more technological elements and environmental protection concept, which will be more in line with the driving needs and car living life of car owners.

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Introduction of silk ring foot carpet

The silk strip structure of the silk coil foot carpet can effectively control the dust and dirt inside the mats, so the silk coil foot mats have a strong dirt-absorbing ability. And the silk coil foot carpet are not easy to slip the problem, the silk coil foot carpets laid in the car to give people a high-grade feeling. The car special silk circle foot carpet, soft and smooth comfort. Silk spray is tough, shiny and soft to the touch. There are anti-slip nails on the back, the spray silk and the bottom rubber good articulation, spray silk has texture, rules, soft and elastic feel. The back of the uniform distribution of anti-slip soft nails, effective grip on the floor. Folded and pressed quickly rebound, no crease. Therefore, most car owners prefer the environmentally friendly and fashionable silk circle carpet floor mat.

Feature of silk ring foot carpet

arror Flame retardant and fire resistant

Silk ring foot carpet contains flame retardant materials, when the open flame is extinguished, to prevent the cigarette and other flammable items falling when the fire caused by a larger accident.

arror Water and stain resistant

Bensen's unique production of the silk ring structure can lock the stain moisture does not leak, keep the car clean and tidy at all times, easy to clean, a flush is clean.

arror Health and Environment

Bensen company produces automotive silk circle foot mats using high-tech materials, green artificially extracted, without any pollution elements, no irritating gases, to bring a safer and healthier environmentally friendly car space.

arror Good weather resistance

The silk circle floor mats do not stiffen in low temperature and do not melt in high temperature. Has good weather resistance, all year round, whether it is cold, heat does not deformation does not fade, reliable quality and long use cycle.

arror Anti-static

The special process of silk circle foot mats make the product has anti-static function, effectively releasing the static electricity generated by the dry air, high-speed car driving and air friction, not only to protect the safety of people, but also to protect the car's electronic equipment, anti-static foot mats safer.

Product Application Pictures

car floor carpet roll 10
car floor carpet roll 9

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