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PVC coil car mat wear-resistant non-slip, easy to clean and good care, can be cut at will for a variety of places. Please contact us immediately for more information.

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Introduction of Car Carpet

Silk ring car mats are extracted from high quality resin powder PVC compound, in through high temperature melting and extrusion, shaped into silk strips on top of the PVC base plate, after cooling, heating, dry but, cutting, trimming, inspection and other processes refined from the car interior accessories.

Because of all the advantages of the silk ring foot mats, silk ring foot mats can receive the recognition of many car owners in a short time.


Q: What are the prices of your products? How is the quality?
A: We use environmentally friendly materials to make our products, and we will offer the most competitive prices while ensuring quality.
Q: Are you a manufacturer or an intermediate trader?
A: We are a manufacturer of China cushion industry, Products include PVC Floor Mats, Door Mat, Coil Mat, Non-slip Mat, Car Mat, Advertising Mat, Bathroom Mat and Pat Mat.
Q: Can I provide samples?
A: Yes, please send us specific requirements about the product you need and we will give you a free sample that meets your requirements.
Car cushions can relieve tiredness when driving, if you need, please contact us.
Q: Can I chat with you online video and visit your factory workshops and products?
A: Of course, you are welcome to communicate with us online via whatsapp, Skype, Facebook Messenger and other chat tools.

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