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The use of natural and environmentally friendly materials to produce foot mats, with comfortable and beautiful characteristics. More details, please contact us.

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Details of Car Carpet

The silk circle foot mats for cars are soft and smooth with high comfort. Spinnerets are tough, shiny and soft to the touch. There are anti-slip nails on the back, the spray silk and the bottom rubber well articulated, the spray silk has texture and rules, soft and elastic feel, evenly distributed anti-slip soft nails on the back, effectively grip the floor. Folded and pressed quickly rebound, without creases. In the process of making car foot mats, Bensen uses environmentally friendly non-toxic materials and passes the SGS test to achieve harmless to human body. For color and pattern support customization, please communicate with us to let us know your needs.

Advantages of Car Carpet

  • Safe and non-slip, with nail back.
  • Health and environmental protection, through the SGS test, without harmful substances to the human body
  • Wear-resistant, service life can usually reach about 5 years
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-irritating odor
  • Good elasticity and resilience, with a soft and comfortable texture, reducing fatigue while driving
  • Flame-retardant and waterproof to prevent fires caused by situations such as falling cigarette butts and reduce safety hazards
  • Anti-dust. Dust and dirt can be contained inside to make the surface clean.
  • Easy to clean and dry. It can be cleaned with a water gun and can be dried quickly in sunny weather.

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car carpet

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