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Car Accessory All Weather PVC Floor Carpet in Pure Color

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Silk ring car mats have a strong ability to hide dirt and can keep the car clean for a long time.

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Feature of Carpet

1. Safe and anti-slip, with anti-slip facilities on the back to achieve a better anti-slip effect.

2. Health and environmental protection, non-toxic and odorless. Through the SGS test, the basic does not contain substances that are harmful to humans.

3. Abrasion resistance, the use of good raw materials to achieve high wear resistance.

4. Good elasticity and resilience, suitable thickness and density, while ensuring the safety of the increase in the elasticity of the silk circle foot mats. Thickness can be customized, you are welcome to send an email to ask.

5. Anti-bacteria and anti-dust. Silk coil foot mats have good ability to accept stains, thus ensuring a neat surface effect.

6. Easy to clean, easy to dry. The cleaning method is mostly through high-pressure water gun rinse, after rinsing can make the silk ring foot mats clean as new, and can be completely dry and re-use in a short time.

Details of Carpet

1. Smell —— no pungent odor and irritating smell

Low-quality silk circle foot mats with formaldehyde exceeds the standard and other issues, the smell emitted under long-term exposure to the human health hazards. Bensen's car mats do not contain formaldehyde, lead and other harmful pollutants, reducing health risks.

2. Tensile strength —— high tear strength

Bensen produces silk ring foot mats with high tensile strength and tear strength to prevent drivers from experiencing sudden breakage and displacement of the foot mats while driving. If you want, we can provide free samples for you to test the quality.

3. Exterior color —— show fashion

High-quality silk circle foot mats are particularly clear, the overall appearance of color is also very good, not too bright and not too dull, thus reflecting the owner's fashion.

Product Application Picture

car floor carpet roll 4
car floor carpet roll 9
car floor carpet roll 10

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