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As a kind of foot mat material, the silk ring foot mat has its unique advantages, such as ensuring comfort while doing easy cleaning and easy care.

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The strip-like structure of the silk-ring car mats can effectively hide dust and dirty substances inside the mats, thus achieving the effect of keeping the interior of the car neat and tidy. Its unique non-slip bottom reduces the risk of slippage of the mats and protects the safety of drivers and passengers. Bensen's car mats are available in a variety of colors to meet your needs.

Details of Carpet

- Silk circle foot mat products have a better resilience and better weight-bearing capacity, by the extrusion of heavy objects will not be easily deformed. In the driving process because of its high resilience characteristics can relieve foot fatigue, increase the pleasure of driving.

- Product contains flame-retardant materials, reducing safety hazards. It has the characteristics of an open flame that is extinguished, can prevent the cigarette and other flammable items inadvertently dropped when the fire caused by a larger accident.

- Silk circle foot mats with natural anti-dirt waterproof function, the unique silk circle structure can lock the stain moisture does not leak, keep the car clean and tidy at all times, easy to clean, a flush that is clean.

- Silk ring foot mats structure is easy to care for, easy to clean, can inhibit the growth of bacteria, has a good security and antibacterial effect, comprehensive defense of the car health.

- Special process of the silk circle foot mats so that the product has anti-static function, effective release because of dry air, car speed and air friction generated by static electricity, not only to protect the safety of people, but also to protect the car's electronic equipment, anti-static foot mats more secure.

- Unique magic lock technology of the silk circle foot mats make the foot mats and the car surface tightly bite, firm and not out of place. Foot mats do not get wet, to prevent accidents caused by wet feet in the rain and snow, multi-faceted safety upgrade.

- Low-temperature conditions, the silk circle foot mats do not stiffen, high temperature conditions do not melt. Has good weather resistance, all year round, whether cold, heat does not deformation does not fade, reliable quality and long use cycle.

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