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Durable Interior Accessories Car Seats Cushion

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With innovative color combinations and a wide range of styles, Bensen car seats can meet most of your needs.

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Introduction of Leather Mat Material:

Long time driving, the driver's waist, legs and neck will be more tired, this is because when driving legs and arms must be operated forward, and most of the body's power transmission will go through the waist, so a long time driving or improper sitting posture will cause waist, legs and neck pain. And a good car cushion will be designed according to anthropology, healthy and comfortable, can be good to relieve fatigue. Bensen car cushion in addition to the design in line with the anthropological design, in the selection of high-quality nappa leather and environmentally friendly fabrics, to the maximum extent to protect the safety of drivers and passengers. The use of semi-encapsulated structure, not only can be applied to 90% of the models, but also can not affect the driver in danger when the airbag timely pop-up, to protect the driver's safety. In addition, it also has the advantages of friction resistance, high temperature resistance, fast heat dissipation, etc.

Feature of Car Seat Covers:

1.Original design, classic fashion color scheme

Traditional embroidery techniques are combined with modern elements such as urban skyscrapers to present three-dimensional and exquisite embroidery patterns.

2.Selection of environmentally friendly materials, constant temperature in all seasons

Selected solvent-free leather with worsted cotton and linen (in line with the export standards of Europe and the United States), moisture absorption and breathability, constant temperature in all seasons, a delicate feel, pure color.

3.Ultra-thin design for a tight fit

The thickness of this product car seat cushion is only 1.8 mm, tightly fit the original car seat, not running, not warped, not deformed, soft and stretchy broad.

4.Full-size bottom leather hollow design

The bottom leather hollow perforated design, greatly enhancing the breathability of the leather, moisture drainage and ventilation, anti-slip and wear-resistant. Instantly experience the original car electric ventilation, heating and other functions.

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