LEC Summer 2022: Misfits Stage Another Epic Comeback Against Fnatic! Sertuss Mid Diffs Caps on the Akali!

Misfits stage another epic comeback against Fnatic owing to some heroics from Vetheo’s Akali. Sertuss Mid Diffs Caps with an expert performance on, wait for it, the Akali!

Fnatic vs Misfits

Misfits look like their spring selves against a surging Fnatic team, coming back and taking the win with some heroics from Shlatan and Vetheo. Fnatic got off to a relatively good start, despite Shlatan’s Wukong picking off Razork’s Viego multiple times in the early game. Fnatic’s general macro game and ability to set up turrets resulted in them having a sizable gold lead early against the young Misfits squad.

What changed around Misfits’s fortunes were the repetitive wombo combos with Gnar and Ammumu, stifling Fnatic’s aggressive posturing and engineering dominant teamfight wins for Misfits. Vetheo, who picks up the MVP this game, was a key component of this, being a general nuisance in teamfights with his legendary Akali.

The reigning MVP sealed Fnatic’s fate with a gorgeous assassination on Upset in the final fight; the clutch play eliminated any kind of chance that Fnatic had in a late game damage check and Misfits were able to roll them over and bounce back for the 4th win of the split.

MVP: Vetheo (2)

G2 vs SK Gaming

My rookie of the split from Spring 2022 has himself a career game against G2, as Sertuss completely mid diffs Caps en route to SK’s second win of the split. The young German mid laner got off hot and heavy, with a First Blood Solo Kill over Europe’s emperor, followed up by another outplay against G2’s famed mid/jg duo.

He was simply exemplary this game, finding key pick offs against G2’s members and providing enough backline threat to make space for Jezu, who had himself a rare good game on the Draven.

G2 has been looking anemic these past few games and the break does not look like it helped at all, and the reigning champions have looked ugly and uninspired in their losses latley.

MVP: Sertuss (1)

Berlin, Germany – July 15 — during the 2022 League of Legends European Championship Series Week 4 at the LEC Studio on July 15 2022 in Berlin Germany (Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games)