LEC Summer 2022 Week 6 Day 1: MAD Lions Outclass Fnatic, Becoming the Undisputed Best Team in the LEC!

The MAD Lions are showing no signs of stopping their run of form within the LEC, outclassing Fnatic to become the undisputed best team in LEC Summer 2022!

Man I love watching this MAD Lions squad!

Although I did call it at the start of the split, even I didn’t see just how far this team would develop under Nisqy’s tutelage, and they are looking even stronger than their championship rosters of last year.

The early game has been especially improved with the addition of Nisqy, and Elyoya has benefited off of the added mid lane pressure, ganking Wunder in the top lane to secure First Blood.

The powerful trident of jg/mid/supp, which the MAD Lions coach Mac swears by, was in full effect during these early Rift Herald fights, executing teamfights with precision.

Kaiser had yet another career game on his legendary Rakan, looking like the Kaiser of old with dazzling plays that set up his team, particularly Elyoya and UNF0RGIVEN, to run rampant on Fnatic’s backline.

Berlin, Germany – July 30 — during the 2022 League of Legends European Championship Series Week 6 at the LEC Studio on July 30 2022 in Berlin Germany (Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games)

On Fnatic’s side, Humanoid was instrumental in answering back the Lions’ aggression in the early game, getting a Triple Kill in a Rift Herald fight to even out the odds.

As well as Hylissang, who has not looked as sharp as he did last split, bouncing back with a great Zilean game. His timely revives and accurate bombs threatened the Lions on more than one occasion, but the rest of his team were in no shape to capitalize off of them.

Armut will pick up the MVP for this game for a great Gwen performance, although Kaiser and Nisqy deserve honorable mentions for their key efforts.

The Turkish top laner has slowly incorporated Gwen into his maligned champion pool over the splits, and it has grown into one of his more prominent power picks within the meta.

I can only hope this team keeps up this level of performance heading into the playoffs, with every other top team having bouts of inconsistency of all shapes and sizes, MAD Lions look like the surefire favorites to win it all this split!

MVP: Armut (2)