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Custom Designed TPE Floor Mats for Auto Interior

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TPE foot mats made by Bensen are customized according to the car model you provide, and will not jam the gas pedal brake, etc., reducing the safety risks associated with car foot mats.

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Car mats are one of the main parts of the car interior, for the car bottom has a protective role, and with the other parts of the car interior supporting the use of a good way to enhance the beauty of the car. Different material foot mats have different characteristics, and compared with the foot mats made of leather, TPE foot mats are easier to clear, and often can be cleaned up with water flushing. When it comes to rain and snow, TPE foot mats can keep the neatness of the car well, and largely avoid dirt penetration to the bottom of the car. In addition, TPE foot mats cover the dangerous parts of the car such as screws and sharp corners of parts, which protects the safety of the driver and the rider.


1. Digitally molded 3D shape, perfectly lining the contours of car floor of each model.
2. Tailored and custom fit. Each model of car mat is exclusive for each car model.
3. Made of eco-friendly, and healthy low density TPE, which will endure years of use.
4. No-slip and odorless car mat provide a fresh and elegant lining protection.
5. Stand up in all weather conditions, rainy, sunny, windy or snowy days.
6. Greatly protect against soda, coffee spills, mud, dust, snow or accidents.
7. Easy and economic clean and maintenance. Just remove the clean with water.
8. BCTC certified to ensure the ultimate quality guarantees.
9. 100% recyclable and free of cadmium, lead, latex and PVC.


Model No. QT01A-01
Size Custom-fit
Color Black
Drive Left Hand Drive (LHD)
Material Made of waterproof TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material, non-toxic, non-hazardous and, environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, flexible, 100% recyclable.
Weight 5kg-7kg /set
Certification BCTC Test
OEM/ODM Accepted
Lead time 2-5 days for sample orders,
7-20 days for mass production

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