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How to clean the car leather

In order to protect our cars, owners will choose their favorite car leather cushion to protect their beloved car. Car cushions not only can prolong the service life of our cars, and make our cars look more beautiful.

We first look at the characteristic of leather: leather touch warm, breathable, easy to dye and good toughness is the advantage; dry situation leather easy to crack, wet environment leather easy to fall off, which makes the leather needs regular cleaning and maintenance.


How to maintain the car leather seats:

 Clean and maintain regularly
It is essential to clean the leather seats. Too frequent cleaning will make the leather seat cover surface coating thin, but long time without cleaning will make it surface dirty. When cleaning the leather seats in the car, best leather cleaning agents should be used to clean the dust and stains on the leather surface, to avoid bacteria and garbage pollutants causing erosion damage to the leather seats, and to keep dry and tidy. 
 Prohibited soaking
Many car owners sometimes because busy do not have time to clean PU leather seat cover surface, they tend to directly soak the cover after drying. This practice is not only will promote the growth of mold inside the PU microfiber leather, but also shorten the life of leather. Soaking seat cover for a long time will cause a large degree of damage to it.

  Away from the heat source
If you put something too hot near leather seats, it will lead to the phenomenon of leather drying and cracking, and the original auto leather seat will become unsightly. In the meantime, should avoid car leather seats in the sun for a long time, long exposure to the sun will make the seat surface leather fade off.

 Clever greasing
Add fat to the leather of seat appropriately, can help car interior leather supplement nutrition, repair wound, let auto decoration leather surface more level off smooth. Feel softer and smoother.  

Leather cleaning tips:

1.If leather auto seat cover surface is clean, wipe it with a wet towel. You'll get a clean as a new leather cover.
2.If the car leather seat cover stain is heavy, apply an appropriate amount of leather cleaner to the sponge or wet towel;


3.Wipe the leather surface with a leather cleanser towel until the stain is clean;
4.Wipe the foam clean with a towel, or rinse the leather with water;
5.Place microfiber leather seat cover in shade and air dry (avoid insolation).

How to choose leather cleaning agent:
Because the leather material is special, so the need to choose suitable special cleaner for different leather, Bensen reminds you, a seat leather cleaner with excellent performance needs to meet the following conditions:

1. PH value should be between 5~7.5, to avoid corrosion of microfiber leather due to too acid or too alkali.  
2. Odorless or slightly light fragrance, if the smell is too strong, it is likely to be mixed with some harmful chemicals.  
3. No friction agent, avoid polishing leather surface in the cleaning process, affect the appearance.  
4. Moderate cleaning force, if it is a strong car leather cleaner, may cause chemical reactions and damage the dermis.  
5. Should be a water-based cleaner, can carry out deep moisturizing care, prolong the service life of seat leather.
6. Can be degraded, no pollution to the environment, meet the requirements of environmental protection.  

How to maintain the car suede leather seats:
 Do not be exposed to the sun for a long time, so as to avoid fading seat leather, especially in summer, should park the car in a cool place;

 Car suede leather chair to as far as possible from the heat source two feet (about 0.6 meters) of the position, such as too close to the heat source will lead to suede leather cracking;  

 Frequent cleaning and maintenance, every month with a professional leather soft cleaning agent wipe, maintenance and decontamination;  After cleaning car seat, do not use a hair dryer to quickly dry leather, to do natural air drying.  
Warm tips for cleaning small steps:
1.Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dust debris. If dust collects on lint or is difficult to vacuum, brush with a soft brush before vacuuming.

2.Wipe the suede leather surface with a dry cloth, then thoroughly dry the seat fiber. If the faux suede is still dirty, wipe with mild soapy water and warm water, and then thoroughly dry.

3.If dirt doesn't come out, try a commercially available fiber cleaner. Apply the cleaner in less visible areas first to make sure it does not negatively affect the faux suede leather. Use the seat cleaner according to the instructions.

leather cleaning

Bensen's team is ready to provide more information if required. If the above methods do not work, or you need further information about any process, please contact us by email. Bensen does not provide leather cleaners, but can provide well cared for car seat cover materials as well as car cushions. If you require service, please describe your problem in detail to help us find the best solution for you.

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