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How to choose car interiors?

Car interior is an important part of car body, mainly divided into car roof, steering wheel, door trim panel, instrument panel, car seat and carpet. According to statistics, the design workload of car interior accounts for 60% of the car styling workload. A good interior design can not only quickly attract people's attention and gain public recognition and support, but also increase the comfort of driving and reduce the fatigue brought by driving to the body. The following is an introduction to the selection of materials for different aspects of car interiors.


Automotive headliner

Roof interior is an important part of the car interior, its main role is to improve the car's decorative, at the same time, the roof interior can also improve the heat insulation, insulation effect with the outside of the car; reduce the noise in the car, protect the driver and passenger hearing from damage; improve the comfort and safety of the occupants ride, choose a suitable car roof decoration will increase the pleasure of driving. As the sun shines directly on the roof, the temperature of the top of the car is high, so the heat resistance and weather resistance index of the roof interior is required to be strict.

Most of the materials used for automotive headliners are polyurethane substrates, commonly known as non-woven fabrics, faux suede and polyester microfiber. The polyurethane substrate is a multi-layer composite material made of non-woven fabric/glass fiber/adhesive film/thermoplastic polyurethane foam/glass fiber/adhesive film. The material's compression process and compression mold and PS materials are basically the same, but the softening temperature is higher than PS, the processing temperature range is wider than PS, the process performance is more stable, the rebound and shrinkage rate is very low after the compression out of the mold PU substrate due to high specific strength, small surface density, good heat resistance, especially sound insulation and thermal insulation effect is good. Suede-like microfiber fabric is loved by many car owners because of its good heat insulation and sound absorption effect.


Steering wheel

Long time grip steering wheel, human sweat will penetrate into the steering wheel, the steering wheel corrosion effect, so for the steering wheel decorative materials, with good acid and alkali resistance, as well as good moisture absorption and breathability is more important. Commonly used to make the steering wheel cover material for high-grade microfiber leather and imitation suede.

When making car steering wheel covers, some businesses choose high-grade microfiber leather, and the process used in the production process is more meticulous in the selection of materials, production and sewing. The choice of microfiber leather as a material to decorate the car can enhance the feel and increase the sense of luxury of the vehicle. Accordingly, this high-grade steering wheel will also be equipped with heating, perforation and other personalized features.

Suede-like leather is often used in sports car interior materials, compared with microfiber leather, suede-like leather has better moisture absorption and breathability, strong friction makes the best adhesion when driving, grip is clearer, in the process of intense driving can achieve more accurate control.


Auto Seat

Products commonly used to protect car seats are car cushions and car seat covers. Most of the car cushion material is made of leather and linen, and the internal padding is made of cotton, grain, etc., which increases the breathability and at the same time does the body conditioning. Car cushion is often universal, suitable for most models. In addition, car cushions do not prevent the airbags from popping out, to protect the safety of the driver.

The production of car seat cover material is more extensive, common for the fabric leather seat cover, because the fabric has greater flexibility, fabric car seat cover on the size of the lower requirements, a fabric seat cover can be applied to most models. Another common car seat cover for the leather seat cover, leather seat cover with easy to clean and good care characteristics. Leather seat cover material is divided into PVC car leather seats, PU car leather seats and microfiber leather seats. PVC in a high-temperature environment will emit irritating odor, harmful to human health; PU leather seat cover most of the use of environmentally friendly PU leather, its softness and breathability are higher than PVC.

Microfiber leather, more applications on high-end models, is a polyurethane synthetic, the feel has been very close to leather. With low temperature resistance, wear resistance, pull resistance, not easy to produce cracks and other superior performance. Breathable, aging-resistant properties, soft and comfortable, with strong flexibility as well as the environmental effects now advocated. This kind of leather is more advanced artificial leather, and the price is more expensive. Compared with leather it is more durable and more friction, so it is mostly used in sports cars and racing seats.

The last car seat material is suede, its weight is second only to the cloth seat cover, but the grip and breathability is not inferior to microfiber leather, commonly used in high-end cars and sports car interior.


Automotive Floor

The basic requirements of carpet are: beautiful, comfortable, heat insulation, flame retardant, sound absorption, dust-proof, non-slip, durable and easy to install. In addition, different grades and models of cars have different requirements for the interior, luxury high-end cars than the mid-range and ordinary cars on security, comfort requirements, such as the requirement of fabric feel soft, brace, anti-wrinkle, rich elasticity, pile surface even, the surface is rich in three-dimensional sense, bright and pleasant color, natural soft luster, size and stability is not easy to deformation.

In order to protect the original carpet, you can choose different materials of car mats, TPE car mats, PVC silk circle mats, nappa leather mats.

Post time: Aug-16-2021