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Car interior leather option

With the gradual development of People's Daily life, the owners of the leather interior requirements are more and more high. Leather used for automotive interior must have the following properties: light resistance, heat and moisture resistance, color fastness to friction, friction resistance, flame retardant, tensile strength, tearing strength, sewing strength. Owners still expect leather, so feel, durability, softness, stain resistance, easy to clean and other factors need to be taken into account. At the same time, virtually cause harm to the human body VOC odor also need attention.

The types of leather commonly used in automobile interior are: PVC leather, PVC wear-resistant leather, perforated PVC leather, microfiber leather, perforated microfiber and leather. So, what are the differences between different leather materials and manufacturing processes in the application of automobiles? In this paper, mechanical properties, wear resistance, color fastness, and other aspects were compared and verified.

 1.  Comparison of mechanical properties

The tensile strength and tear strength of PVC wear resistant leather decreased seriously after perforation, which may be because the perforation damaged the two-dimensional fabric fabric backing structure, resulting in the sudden change of strength value. The tear strength of microfiber leather is much higher than that of PVC leather. Because microfiber leather is made from imitation leather, its air permeability is slightly lower than leather, but it is better than PVC leather and PU leather. It can be seen that among the many leather interiors in terms of tear strength, the order is as follows:

Natural leather > microfiber leather > punched microfiber leather >PVC wear resistant leather > punched PVC wear resistant leather >PVC leather

The microfiber leather selected by Bensen has better mechanical properties than the real leather in various aspects. The strength of the microfiber leather decreases after drilling, but it still maintains a high value. This is because the structure of the microfiber leather and the real leather is a 3D mesh structure composed of microfiber, and the fibers are "bonded" to each other, so drilling does not destroy the microstructure.

microfiber PU leather
microfiber synthetic leather
Microfiber vegan leather

2.  Wear resistance

PVC wear-resistant leather due to the addition of solvents to enhance the wear resistance of PVC leather, and microfiber leather due to its structure for the 3D mesh structure, its wear resistance is higher than PVC leather. Genuine leather due to pores, etc., breathable performance in all the car interior leather heavy is the best, but the wear resistance of genuine leather is slightly lower than microfiber leather.

3.  Color fastness contrast

Bensen selects several materials that have good anti-aging, color fastness to friction, and anti-pollution capabilities, so there is no need to worry about product quality. Bensen insists on quality and selects the best raw materials with excellent performance, environmental protection, non-toxic, and high utilization rate.

4. Use economic comparisons

Genuine leather due to high unit price and low utilization rate lead to the highest comprehensive use cost; Microfiber leather, wear-resistant PVC leather is usually used in the main fabric of the seat, the price is moderate, the utilization rate of both is similar, but because of the higher complexity of the raw material itself and the process of microfiber leather, the comprehensive use cost is higher than wear-resistant PVC leather; PVC leather is often used in seat auxiliary fabric, the lowest overall cost.

At present, most of the artificial leather seats on the market are PU components, the benefit is that the cost is low and durable, function and practicality is not even worse than leather. In fact, not only the low-end models, some luxury brands also equipped with artificial leather seats, such as Lexus ES, the quality of the artificial leather seat texture is more exquisite, even to the point of imitation.

Bensen's microfiber leather is similar to real leather in quality, but has higher wear resistance and color fastness than real leather. The overall effect of using microfiber leather in car interior is better than PVC leather. Therefore, microfiber leather belongs to a higher cost performance of a car leather.

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Post time: Jul-27-2021