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Application of synthetic leather in automobile interior decoration.

Leather in the car is mainly used for car seat surface, armrest surface. Some high-end car dashboard surface, steering wheel, compartment wall, etc., will also be covered with leather, to a certain extent, the amount of leather is also a symbol of vehicle class and luxury degree.
The leather used in automobile interiors is mainly divided into three categories: genuine leather, artificial leather, and turned fur.
Artificial leather, including PVC leather, PU leather, super fiber PU leather and so on. All of them are industrial product produced by coating different fiber fabric with different coating materials.
PVC leather is used as the base cloth, knit cloth. Put hot melt into a paste PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material. And coat on it according to certain thickness uniform. Then then put it into the foam foaming furnace, make it adapt to producing all kinds of different products and different requirements of softness, surface treatment and then baked at the same time, such as dyeing, embossing, polishing, extinction, grinding of burr, etc.
The base cloth of PU leather is usually knitted cloth, canvas and non-woven cloth with better tensile strength. In the hot melt coating process of PU (polyurethane) material, in addition to coating on the top of the base cloth, it can also be coated on both sides, so that the base cloth is completely included in the middle, and the existence of the base cloth is completely invisible in the appearance.Surface treatment process is basically the same as above.
Microfiber PU leather is made of a three-dimensional structure of microfiber non-woven fabric as the base cloth, and then coated or laminated with one or more layers of high-performance polyurethane.Microfiber leather is superior to ordinary PU leather in strength, wear resistance, aging resistance, hygroscopicity, comfort and other performance indexes. In addition, it is more like genuine leather, more durable and better feel.
In the market, PVC leather has a hard feel, comfort and poor aging resistance, and has been gradually eliminated, replaced by softer, more durable PU leather, which is widely used at present.In the middle and high-end models, super-fiber PU leather is the current popular car seat and interior fabric, because its physical properties and feeling are closest to leather, and more economical and durable, the market prospect is broad.

Post time: Mar-04-2021