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Bensen’s PVC leather foot mats are economical and the leather material is very easy to clean and easy to remove and replace.

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Introduction of Car Leather Foot Mats

PVC artificial leather car mats have the characteristics of comfort and softness, anti-slip and wear-resisting, which is a kind of cost-effective foot mats. The use of synthetic leather foot mats to decorate the car will make the car more beautiful atmosphere, for all models are suitable. Generally speaking, artificial leather, which is made of various formulations of PVC and PU foam or laminate on a textile or non-woven fabric base. Auto mats made of leather, softness, but also more beautiful and comfortable. And the leather material made of car mats are basically made in accordance with the size of each model, thus the characteristics of the car leather mats is more comprehensive, laid in the car more comfortable, more full. In the use of the time, basically will not occur slippery or shift and so on, reduce the car driving process of safety risks.

Detail of Car Leather Foot Mats

Product Name Automotive leather foot mats
Material PVC, sponge, non-woven
Design Non skid
Type Full set
MOQ 1 set. Please tell us the model number to get the MOQ
Packing Usually packed in cartons
Application Dedicated car floor mats
Design Style Luxury
Size Custom-fit
Color Black, red and custom-fit
Function Protect car floor
Feature Waterproof /anti-slip
Brand Name Bensen leather
Place of Origin China
OEM Accept

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