LEC Summer 2022: Alphari Leads Team Vitality in Huge Win Over Excel! BDS Come Close, But Can’t Repeat History vs. G2!

Alphari roars to life, leading Team Vitality in a huge win over Excel to tie them in the standings. Team BDS come close to repeating history against G2.

Team Vitality vs Excel

Team Vitality roars to life with a splendid win over Excel, tying them up in the standings as the race for playoffs seedings heats up in LEC Summer 2022.

Alphari, as he has proven historically, had Finn’s number this game, destroying him in a First Blood Solo Kill which eventually snowballed into another kill and Herald top lane.

He has been fairly lukewarm this split, but has been stepping up in Vitality’s recent wins, and put forth a massive performance to lead Vitality past Excel today.

If Alphari can keep this good run of form towards the end of the split and into playoffs, Vitality can solidify their identity as a top-centric team and have their mid-jg duo send resources top, which would work nicely given the change of meta.

With Rogue and Fnatic looking shaky, if Vitality can find their form in the latter half of the split, Summer 2022 will be one to remember.

MVP: Alphari (1)

Team BDS vs G2

It looked like history might repeat itself…

And it did…

BDS still can’t figure out how to do Barons…

The last place team got off to a hot start versus the only team they have a win against, (of course it’s reigning champions G2, who else did you expect?), but collapsed in the mid game transitions and swiftly lost control of their lead.

Credit has to go to Broken Blade, who picks up his first MVP of the split, for finding great flanks that propelled G2 back into the driver’s seat – once they figured out running in one by one probably isn’t the best way to teamfight.

Cinkroff got the ball rolling hard and fast on the side of BDS, and with help from NUCLEARINT’s Tayliah, he was able to find some very nice picks on G2 in the early game, but alas, yet another xMatty int single-handedly destroyed every lead the two had built up over the first 20 minutes.

Seriously, kick this guy…

MVP: Broken Blade (1)