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Cars leather characters

Correctgrain: This means that after a certain process is completed, the leather surface is embossing to form artificial patterns, such as lychee pattern, BMW pattern, pinhole pattern, Veina pattern, etc. The surface of the embossed pattern processing will make the leather feel slightly hard, the surface of the touch is not elastic.
Fullgrain leather: It refers to the product made of leather after finishing the top finish.It is characterized by retaining natural and delicate lines on the surface, natural pores, soft feel and elastic surface, which is commonly known as NAPPA.A lot of leather, even if it is not empressed, uses a thicker finish to imitate the surface effect of NAPPA, and at the same time hides the natural pores, using pinhole lines to simulate "pores". In fact, this kind of leather is not really NAPPA, but ordinary people can not accurately distinguish.
Semi-aniline: Refers to a process in which the skin embryo is not coated.And it is more close to the natural surface touch, its wear resistance has been reduced, the process quality is good, can still meet the two or three years of use requirements
Aniline: The process in which the embryo is dyed without any coating at all.It has natural surface tactile, its wear resistance can only reach half of Full grain, because different colors have different color fastness on the skin embryo, aniline skin can only produce light colors, and the color design is limited.
Of course, the design and development of leather is much more than the development of color, feel, grade and price. The post-processing of leather includes punching, embroidery, hot stamping, quilting and other processes. OEM is also developing leather with a unique smell that represents the brand characteristics, and leather that can change in color according to temperature changes.
The ambient temperature standard for the design of automobile interior parts is -30℃~80℃, in which the service life of leather is required to reach 6 years or more. This is the strict requirement that OEM puts forward to Siege Lion from the perspective of the life of the whole vehicle.
Let's take a look at the basic performance requirements of automotive interior leather: light resistance, moisture and heat resistance, color fastness to friction, resistance to friction breakage, flame retardancy, tensile strength, tear strength, sewing strength.
Customers demand on leather feeling , durable, easy to clean demand, need leather to meet: softness, stiffness, elongation, oil stain resistance, stain resistance, sweat resistance, wrinkle.

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