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Car seat cushion is not only to protect the car’s original leather seats, more comfortable driving, summer cooling and winter warmth.

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Introduction of car seat cushion

Bensen four-season cushion is a kind of car leather seat cushion, made of high-grade fabric with safe and high elasticity padding, which can be used in all seasons, so it is called four-season cushion. Four-season car seat cushion have great advantages in price, applicability and practicality: long life cycle, can be used all year round; flexible materials, relatively less restricted by raw materials; product patterns are also rich, a wide choice, from fashion to classic, to meet the various needs of consumers. It is also the most popular car cushion now.

Feature of car seat cushion

arror Breathable feature

Bensen leather cushion for car seat can keep the car in good condition, car cushion universal four-season design, if our car seat itself has heating function, the car cushion has ventilation and heat dissipation function.

arror Health and comfort

Bensen produces leather car seat cushions made of environmentally friendly and healthy materials , which not only protect the health of the body but also bring comfort. The leather used is microfiber leather with no irritating odor in a high-temperature environment, and the padding used is made of environmentally friendly materials that bring comfort to the touch while mediating the health of the body.

arror Wear-resistant and durable

Hard objects such as keys that we often wear on our body will increase the risk of scratching the car leather, in order to protect the original leather seats of the car from being scratched, you can use car cushions. Bensen's car seat cushions are made of more wear-resistant cloth and longer-lasting microfiber leather. In the maximum degree of protection of the original car leather.

arror Anti-slip safety

Our company produce car seat cushions with a non-slip rubber design on the bottom pad to prevent it from falling off the car seat. And with strong and durable accessories, including 2 plastic buckles (clip on the back of the seat), 2 metal hooks (hanging under the car seat), both convenient, but also to ensure our safety.

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