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Upholstery Car Seat Imitation Leather Car Seat Cushion

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As one of the important components of the car interior, the car seat has an important role in the effect of the car interior.

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Introduction of Leather Mat Material:

Car seats are one of the necessary items for the beauty of the car. Many car owners want their cars to be different from others, but also some of their own style elements in car decoration, so car decoration, modification, to improve the car's beauty, safety, comfort, etc.. And in order to protect their cars can continue to high performance, car owners need to add some protection for their cars when using a new car, such as car cushions, car foot mats and other car interior appliances. Bensen car cushion has the characteristics of easy to clean, and fashionable appearance, design structure in line with the human body structure mechanics, can effectively relieve the fatigue brought about by the driving process, the installation of a suitable set of car cushions, to enhance the sense of sitting, increase the comfort have obvious effects.

Details of Car Seat Covers:

Material: PU Leather + Suede
No. Of Seat Covers: 3PCS
Size: Total length of seat cushion 127cm (backrest length 58cm, lumbar joint length 6cm, seat length 50cm)

Seat backrest shoulder width 30cm, backrest waist width 43cm, waist joint width 32cm, seat width 43cm

Back seat connection piece 56cm long, 34cm wide

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Bensen
Suit for vehicle type: Universal Application Fits
Colors: Black, Red, Gray, and so on.

Product Application Picture:

car seat cover -1
car seat cover -4
car seat cover -7

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