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Hot Sale Full Set Type Universal Leather Car Seat Cushion with Car

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Style design in line with the human body structure of the car seat can effectively relieve the fatigue caused by driving.

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Introduction of Leather Mat Material:

A good set of car decorative cushions, for a long time driving car owners is very necessary, because good quality cushions can effectively reduce driving fatigue and long driving brought about by lumbago, shoulder pain and other problems. Especially in the summer, moisture absorption and good breathability of the cushion can be good to absorb the sweat discharged by the driver, can make the owner more comfortable in the driving process. Bensen car cushions are beautifully designed to make the atmosphere in the car more harmonious, and the car mats will not emit odor or deformation under higher temperature, and will not be easily deformed and wrinkled under longer use time. In addition, Bensen car cushion has a new breakthrough in appearance, nine different colors and fashionable design can meet the diversified needs.

Details of Car Seat Covers:

● Surface leather

Selected nappa solvent-free leather + foam layer: healthy and environmentally friendly, tensile and wear-resistant, anti-wrinkle, hydrolysis-resistant, odorless.

● Fabrics

Worsted cotton linen fabric (international European and American export standards) is mainly used for high-grade home and clothing fabrics. Pure plant fiber, skin-friendly and comfortable, anti-bacterial and anti-itch, good breathability and perspiration, anti-static, no pilling, no frustration, no curling, soft and smooth.

● Bottom design

The use of 1.4 mm high elasticity environmental protection TPU one foam leather, can ensure that the seat cushion soft elasticity and brace, wear-resistant non-slip, tight fit does not deform. The bottom leather hollow design greatly enhances the breathability of the leather

● Embroidery Craft

High-precision embroidery technology (mostly used for high-end clothing, hats and other embroidery), industrial improvement of traditional embroidery technology, 16,358 stitch beats, outlining the perfect three-dimensional shadow of urban skyscrapers.

Product Application Picture:

car seat cover -2
car seat cover -5
car seat cover -6

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