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Pink Microfiber Leather Material for Car in Stock

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Microfiber leather is a good regenerated leather, the texture is very similar to leather, and the hand feels soft like leather. Microfiber leather is a newly developed paste leather in synthetic leather, and belongs to a new type of leather. Because of its abrasion resistance, cold resistance, breathability, aging resistance, soft texture, environmental protection and beautiful appearance, it has become the best choice for natural leather (first layer cowhide). Sell high prices as the first layer of cowhide.

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Features of microfiber leather for sale

The appearance effect of microfiber leather is most like real leather; its thickness uniformity, tear strength, color vividness and leather surface utilization are better than natural leather, and it has become the development direction of contemporary synthetic leather. Excellent performance, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and high utilization rate.

How to distinguish the good and bad microfiber leather

1. Look at the texture and compare different microfiber leathers with similar textures. You will find that the texture of high-quality microfiber leather is clearer, and the surface layer has a strong sense of leather. Inferior microfiber leather has rough texture and strong plastic feel.

2. Touch feel, high-quality microfiber leather has a good feel, high flexibility, resilience and comfort.

3. Look at the crease, fold up the same kind of microfiber leather, compare the thickness of the wrinkle in the middle crease, and see if the crease disappears quickly when recovering. The smaller the crease, the faster the disappearance represents the surface PU and the underlying base of the microfiber leather. The better the cloth is attached, this is an important indicator of high-quality microfiber leather.

4. Look at the scratches, use a hard object to scratch the surface of the microfiber leather to see if it will leave scratches. Generally, the surface of high-quality microfiber leather is very scratch resistant.

microfiber leather for sale

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