Assassins might be the next class to receive a gameplay update

The mage gameplay update will be here shortly, and assassins might be the next class in line for some extra work.

The big mage update that will hit us during the mid-season isn’t even here yet, but we can already look forward to the next class of champions that will get some extra attention.

Yesterday, Andrei “Meddler” van Roon – League’s Lead Gameplay Designer – was asked on the League of Legends boards if Katarina would be getting any changes soon. Meddler said that she wouldn’t be getting any changes during the mid-season patch, however, she would be looked at when Riot takes on assassins for a class update.

On assassins, Meddler said: “We’re planning to do another class update at the end of the year (November ish, so after Worlds). Assassins are a strong option for that spot. We won’t be doing another class update between 6.9 and Worlds.”

It would be interesting if assassins do end up being the next class to get an update because it would stay with the current trend of Riot working with classes that deal loads of damage. The mage update will be here shortly, and the one right before it was for marksmen.

After Meddler’s big announcement, he answered a lot of questions about the assassins update. Someone asked if Rengar would be looked at, and Meddler said: “Whenever we work on assassins it’s almost certain we’ll work on Rengar.”

Speaking of Rengar, another important topic Meddler addressed was stealth. “I think it’d be a good time to look at stealth, in terms of general functionality and/or options playing against. Could imagine situations in which we did assassins without major stealth changes though, depending on what other work we also wanted to accomplish and how much benefit we felt stealth work would offer,” explained Meddler.

Finally, Meddler explained what exactly a class update means to those at Riot: “Class reworks are primarily focused on making champions with a class more distinct from each other (in terms of how they play, what they offer to the team, what playing against them is like, etc) and game health issues (counterplay especially).”

Regardless if you agree on their choice of class or not, it’s exciting to see Riot working so hard on updating many classes. League was released in 2009, and a lot of things can change for champions/classes that have been around for a long time. Judging from the most recent class updates, we could probably assume that around four or six assassins would get serious work done to them (if they do update assassins) with some others getting minor tweaks.