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Waterproof PVC Synthetic Leather for Car Parts Covering Material

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Compared to other leathers, PVC leather is easier to plasticize and better to clean, often with a wet towel or wet paper towel. Most of the PVC leathers made by Bensen are in stock, please contact us if you need more details or samples.

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Introduction of PVC Synthetic Leather

PVC Synthetic Leather has more layers underneath its coating. Its main ingredient is polyvinyl chloride, and other ingredients are added to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility. PVC also has high strength and excellent stability, and is not flammable, can resist climate change brought corrosion and other phenomena. It is a very good material, because of its high safety, so it can be seen everywhere in life. In daily life, a wide variety of leather products can be seen everywhere, such as interior decoration, sofa fabrics, car interiors, clothing, shoes and bags and so on. Leather products that are very similar are made of artificial leather.

PVC Synthetic Leather Parameters

Product Name PVC Synthetic Leather
Material Leather
Color Multiple colour
Use Car seat, Decorative, Furniture, Sofa, Notebook, Craft
Width Customized
Thickness Customized
Feature Waterproof, Abrasion-Resistant, Sustainable

Application of PVC Synthetic Leather

PVC leather Mainly used in making bags, home decoration, luggage, sofa bed products, jewelry, car interiors, packaging, etc.


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