LEC Summer 2022 Week 6 Day 1: Neon Carries Misfits Over Rogue in Epic Upset! JNX Aims For Playoffs with a Dominating Top Gap Over Vizicsacsi!

Neon carries Misfits over frontrunners Rogue in an epic upset. JNX aims to put SK Gaming in the playoffs in a long time, with a top gap over Vizicsacsi!

SK Gaming vs Astralis

SK Gaming continue their mid-split surge of brilliance, tying Astralis in the standings following a victory over them.

JNX continues his impressive run of form, following up his giga-carry Gnar game with a splendid Gwen game, carrying his team in the later portions after SK were on the verge of throwing their hard-earned lead.

Gilius was the star of the show in the early to mid game, finding pick offs with Hecarim and teamfighting intelligently with the zombie pony.

His performance on the pick, which seems to be his default now that teams are respecting his Poppy in draft, was quite reminiscent of his hay days back with Schalke.

Astralis have lost their early split magic and the Ol’ Splyce Boys are looking less illustrious with each passing game – especially Vizicsacsi.

JNX was all over him this game, easily putting the Gangplank that Vizicsacsi has been preferring into the dirt.

MVP: JNX (2)

Berlin, Germany – July 22 — during the 2022 League of Legends European Championship Series Week 5 at the LEC Studio on July 22 2022 in Berlin Germany (Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games)

Rogue vs Misfits Gaming

For some reason, I had a small inkling that this was going to be a trap game for Rogue…

And I was right! Misfits defeat the first place team after a long drawn-out affair, straight off the back of Neon’s exemplary Zeri performance.

Neon’s crisp teamfighting skills is what gave Misfits the ability to return salvo after tanking the big initial engage that Rogue drafted for themselves.

Often times we saw Malrang’s Vi and Trymbi’s Amumu attempt to set up a big engage, but Neon expertly outmaneuvered them, making Rogue members overcommit before annihilating them alongside his team.

As fun and exciting as this game was, I do not think it has any long-term implications. Rogue will remain a top team within the league and Misfits will likely get knocked out first round if they even make it to playoffs, even with their new jungler Zanzarah.

MVP: Neon (2)