LEC Summer 2022 Week 5 Day 1: Malrang and Rogue Take Down Fnatic in an Epic Banger, Now Extending Their Win Streak to Eight Games!

In a split where we have seen many dubious games, the two biggest frontrunners deliver in the biggest way possible.

Rogue and Fnatic go back and forth in a bout that was akin to two heavy weight boxers, with excellent plays and unperturbed tenacity in an attempt to one up each other.

I was pretty much on the edge of my seat in these Baron fights – there were simply so many fights happening within each larger teamfight, so many micro-interactions and small little outplays that it was almost impossible to keep trach of, and I for one couldn’t be happier!

It seems that the best teams of LEC Summer 2022 still have much to show in terms of quality League of Legends!

The game started off with both Razork and Malrang finding key advantages for their laners, Razork with the First Blood bot lane and Malrang responding in both Top and Mid.

Fnatic consolidated their lead with a victorious Second Dragon Fight, where Hylissang’s Nautilus hooks and Humanoid’s timely Corki flank were tantamount in giving the team an early gold lead.

They snowballed their lead further with a Rift Herald charge into top lane turret and another dragon, bringing their lead up to 3k by the 20 minute mark.

Fnatic succeeded in using this pressure to establish top side vision and eventually pick off Malrang, again thanks to Hylissang’s hooks, which translated into

a 22 minute Baron. However, some individual heroics from Odoamne and Larssen meant that Razork and Upset did not survive the ensuing fight, severely limiting Fnatic’s Baron power play.

Since they did not achieve a sufficient enough gold advantage through their initial Baron, Fnatic was not able to decisively win teamfights in the ensuing plays, eventually resulting in a heroic Hexflash Baron steal by Malrang, putting the first nail in Fnatic’s coffin.

More nails followed as Malrang and Larssen combined to take the game over from there, finding key pick offs and especially abusing Humanoid’s mispositionings, closing the game out with another Baron.

Rogue has been on a tear since going 0-2 to start the split, winning every single game since. While the LEC is still in a grand state of flux given the inconsistencies of every team, I guess we can all bet one thing above all…

Rogue will dominate the regular season.

MVP: Malrang (1)