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Hot Selling Vegan Microfiber Leather Orange Leather for Car Seat

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In the PU polyurethane added microfiber, so this material leather has excellent wear resistance, in a certain degree to extend the use of leather time, and in the breathability and flexibility are more excellent, touch beyond the natural leather.

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Application of microfiber leather vegan

No matter what brand of microfiber, the domestic production of microfiber leather has now stabilized. In addition, in foreign countries, due to the influence of the Animal Protection Association and the development of technology, the performance and application of polyurethane microfiber synthetic leather have surpassed that of natural leather. The ball used in the 2006 World Cup in Germany and Beckham's football shoes have been made of microfiber leather. Kangaroo skin is no longer used. At present, more and more leather products in China use microfiber leather, such as seats made of microfiber in high-end cars, sofas for home use, microfiber leather shoes, sports shoes and other leather products. Microfiber products have gone deep. people's lives.

Features of microfiber leather vegan

It is cold-resistant, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, and does not fade.

Excellent physical properties and waterproof solution.

Lightweight, soft and breathable. Smooth and feel good.

The surface effect can be consistent with the real leather.

The cut surface is uniform in thickness, neat and wear-free, and the utilization rate of the leather surface is higher than that of the leather.

It does not contain eight heavy metals, azo AZO and other substances harmful to the human body.

How to distinguish the good and bad microfiber leather vegan

1. Look at the texture and compare different microfiber leathers with similar textures. You will find that the texture of high-quality microfiber leather is clearer, and the surface layer has a strong sense of leather. Inferior microfiber leather has rough texture and strong plastic feel.

2. Touch feel, high-quality microfiber leather has a good feel, high flexibility, resilience and comfort.

3. Look at the crease, fold up the same kind of microfiber leather, compare the thickness of the wrinkle in the middle crease, and see if the crease disappears quickly when recovering. The smaller the crease, the faster the disappearance represents the surface PU and the underlying base of the microfiber leather. The better the cloth is attached, this is an important indicator of high-quality microfiber leather.

4. Look at the scratches, use a hard object to scratch the surface of the microfiber leather to see if it will leave scratches. Generally, the surface of high-quality microfiber leather is very scratch resistant.

5. Resistant to hydrolysis, high-quality microfiber leather is very resistant to hydrolysis, and the life of the microfiber is more than 5 years. Of course, this is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, but you must ask clearly when purchasing.

6. Base cloth. Base cloth is a key component of the microfiber leather, which is related to the overall performance of the microfiber leather. A good base cloth determines the performance of the microfiber leather to be more stable.

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