LEC Summer 2022: UNF0RGIVEN Proves the Better Choice for MAD Lions! G2 Channels 2019 Against Astralis!

UNF0RGIVEN proves the better choice for MAD Lions after he demolishes his predecessor Carzzy in a extreme bot diff! G2 channels 2019 against Astralis!

MAD Lions vs Team Vitality

Another full court press from MAD Lions as they rekindle the opening game of the split with a dominating win over Team Vitality, holding the sUpEr tEaM to only two kills and a dragon.

The bot lane differential was quite astounding this game as UNF0RGIVEN proves the better choice for MAD Lions and picks up his third MVP of the split with a dazzling Draven performance.

He was simply a joy to watch, weaving in and out of danger whilst peppering Vitality members with axes that chunked their health bars in a couple of autos.

The rookie sensation also had a disgusting 1v2 outplay against Vitality’s bottom lane, where he posterized Carzzy with a sick ult + flash redirect, chipping the Vitality bot laner with three procs of his ult to salvage the 1v2.

His opposite number had one of his worst games of the year, and that’s saying something, given how bad Carzzy has looked on Vitality this split.

The two-time champion was simply getting ragdolled by his rookie replacement, and while many thought the move was a net downgrade for MAD heading into the season, UNF0RGIVEN has proved all of them wrong.


G2 Esports vs Astralis

G2 channels 2019 against Astralis, who looked on the verge of defeating them for the second time this split.

And they were pretty close too, owing to a great Wukong game out of Xerxe. The man was a monkey possessed this game, finding multiple looks and key assassinations on G2 members to try and force the advantage over the reigning champions.

Ultimately, it was the solo laners of G2 that were able to salvage the game from the jaws of defeat. BrokenBlade was able to buy a substantial amount of time with his Gwen flanks, which enabled Caps to disorient Astralis and split them apart, allowing them to focus down one side of the team whilst BrokenBlade distracted the other part.

The end of the game brought back the good old memories of Perkz and Wunder overloading on one side of the map and blitzing it in hopes of a fast end whilst the other three G2 members tried their best to stall out the enemy team.

It worked against Astralis this time around and G2 manage to snap their loosing streak with that sort of genius call from Caps!

MVP: Caps (3)