LEC Summer 2022 Week 5 Day 1: JNX Overpowers BDS! Nukeduck Ends Misfits’ Winning Streak!

LEC Summer Week 5 Day 1 kicks off with an overpowering performance out of JNX. Nukeduck ends Misfits’ winning streak with a magnificent game on Taliyah.

SK Gaming vs Team BDS

It was a simply top lane differential out of JNX’s Gnar as he put up a massive performance against Agressivoo’s Sejuani, bullying the rookie out of lane with a First Blood Solo Kill and snowballing that into advantages the rest of his team capitalized off of.

Gilius had himself a great game on the Jarvan as well. With the Poppy that he found so much success was banned away by BDS, he reverted back to another early game ganker with a high degree of engage.

His engages were pivotal in smoothly transitioning SK’s leads into a decisive teamfight and it gave his team a clear objective when playing for teamfights.

With their decisive win over Team BDS, SK Gaming now has a three game win streak. However they will face their toughest opponent yet, as they look to take on the MAD Lions tomorrow.

MVP: JNX (1)

Berlin, Germany – July 22 — during the 2022 League of Legends European Championship Series Week 5 at the LEC Studio on July 22 2022 in Berlin Germany (Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games)

Misfits Gaming vs Excel

Nukeduck puts together a great game versus the reigning MVP as Excel pick apart Misfits Gaming and end their win streak at five.

Despite Mersa’s great Nautilus hooks, Misfits were often disjointed in their followups. The team has built their cred off of their miraculous teamfighting prowess, while often in a deficit, but they could not muster up the same magic against the surgical precision of Excel.

Speaking of surgical precision, Nukeduck was simply exemplary in this game.

He led his young team back from their Week 4 slump with proactive plays on Taliyah, picking off Misfits members with timely Seismic Shoves that gave his team the necessary openings to push forth their advantage.

Finn also had himself a ball on the Gangplank, thoroughly running circles around the much less experienced Irrelevant as Excel coast into 6-4.

MVP: Nukeduck (3)