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Premium Artificial Microfiber Auto Leather for Car Upholstery Kits

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Microfiber synthetic leather, completely simulates the organization structure of natural leather, is a kind of natural fiber close to the real leather, wear-resistant, color fastness and other aspects pen natural leather good.Animals-friendly, Eco leather, Vegan leather.

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Introduction of microfiber leather

The full name of microfiber leather is "microfiber reinforced leather".

Microfiber: Microfiber is made of nylon superfine fiber with similar structure and performance to the bundled collagen fiber in natural leather, made into a non-woven fabric with a three-dimensional network structure, and then filled with polyurethane with an open microporous structure. Processed.

Synthetic leather: Synthetic leather is made of impregnated non-woven fabric as the mesh layer and microporous polyurethane layer as the grain layer.

Microfiber: The raw material of microfiber is leather pulp made by crushing the leftovers of cowhide and adding resin in proportion.

Compared with natural leather, microfiber has the following advantages

High wear resistance, high tear and tensile strength

Waterproof, insect-proof, mildew proof, in the low temperature -20 degrees Celsius will not harden, crack

Acid resistance, alkali resistance, chemical resistance, environmental protection performance is superior

Uniform quality, easy to cut and scale production, greatly reduce side waste.

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