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Premium Artificial Microfiber Auto Leather for Car Upholstery in Rolls

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Microfiber synthetic leather, completely simulates the organization structure of natural leather, is a kind of natural fiber close to the real leather, wear-resistant, color fastness and other aspects pen natural leather good. Animals-friendly, eco leather, vegan leather.

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Introduction of microfiber leather

The full name of microfiber leather is "microfiber reinforced leather".

Microfiber: Microfiber is made of nylon superfine fiber with similar structure and performance to the bundled collagen fiber in natural leather, made into a non-woven fabric with a three-dimensional network structure, and then filled with polyurethane with an open microporous structure processed.

Synthetic leather: Synthetic leather is made of impregnated non-woven fabric as the mesh layer and microporous polyurethane layer as the grain layer.

Microfiber: The raw material of microfiber is leather pulp made by crushing the leftovers of cowhide and adding resin in proportion.

Compared with natural leather, microfiber has the following advantages

  • High wear resistance, high tear and tensile strength
  • Waterproof, insect-proof, mildew proof, in the low temperature -20 degrees Celsius will not harden, crack
  • Acid resistance, alkali resistance, chemical resistance, environmental protection performance is superior
  • Uniform quality, easy to cut and scale production, greatly reduce side waste.

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polyurethane coated leather2
polyurethane coated leather3

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