Top 3 bee jokes in honor of Beekeeper Singed skin

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After a delay in being released due to bugs (no, seriously), the new Beekeeper Singed skin is finally live in League of Legends. In honor of this new skin, here are the top three bee jokes that will make you giggle.

Beekeeper Singed is officially live in League of Legends and ironically enough, was delayed due to bugs with the actual skin in the game. Regardless, it’s an amazing new skin that has a hilarious recall animation and great visual effects when using Singed’s abilities.

It’s officially available via the in-game Store for 1,350 Riot Points. It’s worth every point since it’s one of the most unique skins in the game that features, well, a plethora of bees.

Primarily a top lane champion, Singed can be one of the most annoying champions to face at the hands of a skilled Summoner. His abilities to slow enemy champions and leave trails of poison make many want to ban him at champ select so they don’t have to deal with the frustration of going up against him. Especially since he can clear minions waves faster than a New York minute.

Due to this awesome new skin being launched, here are the top three bee jokes inspired by Beekeeper Singed. Feel free to use these at work, school, or anywhere really since you know, these are unBEElievably funny. These bee jokes and many other funny jokes can BEE found at the amazing site.

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