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Microfiber leather is a kind of recycled leather, environmental protection, no pollution, could be a good substitute for natural leather. Strong environment protection, reach eco-friendly standards.

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Introduction of microfiber PU leather

Microfiber leather is the abbreviation of microfiber synthetic leather. It is a non-woven fabric with three-dimensional structure network made from microfiber staple fiber through carding and needling. Then, it is finally made into microfiber leather through wet processing, PU resin immersion, alkali reduction, skin grinding and dyeing and finishing. And the microfiber leather is added in PU polyurethane microfiber, so that the toughness, air permeability, wear resistance has been further strengthened, with extremely excellent wear resistance, excellent cold resistance, air permeability, aging resistance.

Microfiber look the most like real leather. Its product thickness uniformity, tear strength, color brightness and leather surface utilization and other aspects are better than natural leather, has become the direction of the development of contemporary synthetic leather. Excellent performance, environmental protection, non-toxic, high utilization rate.

Microfiber PU leather are very similar to real leather, with only a 1 percent cross section of a human hair, which is very close to real leather. Tear resistance, tensile strength, wear resistance are beyond genuine leather. Normal temperature bending to 200 thousand times without crack, low temperature (-20℃) bending 30 thousand times without crack. Cold resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, no fade. Light weight, soft and breathable. Smooth and nice to the touch. Uniform thickness, neat and no wear cutting surface, leather surface utilization rate is higher than genuine leather.

Application of microfiber leather

Microfiber leather is also known as the leather with cowhide fiber. It is a non-woven fabric made of microfiber staple through combing and needling, and then finally made into microfiber leather through a variety of processes. It has the characteristics of strong toughness, wear resistance and air permeability. It still maintains the characteristics of cowhide, feel rich and soft, good resilience. It is widely used in decorative soft bags, car seats, car interiors and daily necessities.

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