2022 LEC Spring Playoffs: Caps and the Dark Horses of G2 Surprise-Sweep the Superteam of Fnatic

Caps and G2 run circles around the superteam of Fnatic, sweeping them from finals contention with a beatdown across the board.

Game 1: OrnnkenBlade

Well, at this point, BrokenBlade is pretty much the unanimous best top laner in the LEC. The de facto carry top laner showed off his versatility with the surprise Ornn pick into Wunder’s Jayce, and proceeded to run circles around the entirety of Fnatic with his intelligent roams and crazy outplays. Of course it does help that Ornn is the biggest example of Riot’s failure to make champions with clear strengths and weaknesses but hey, that ain’t BrokenBlade’s fault! Humanoid’s “legendary” Twisted Fate cops another L (0-4 in last 4 games btw!), this time to Caps’ wonderful Ahri performance as G2 stymie Fnatic in Game 1.

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Berlin, Germany – April 9: — during the 2022 League of Legends European Championship Series Spring Semifinals at the LEC Studio (Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games)


Similar to Larssen, Humanoid also discovers that he, in fact, is not Faker! The Kai’Sa mid falls short yet again as Caps’ Ahri was able to dictate the entire game owing to Jankos’ brilliant ganks as well as the fact he is against a marksmen in the mid lane, when he’s playing an assassin. Humanoid has looked out of sorts for his last five games now as the best LEC player of 2021 is simply getting thrown around like a ragdoll, with about as much game impact as one. Flakked also continues to display his unnatural poise, as a rookie in an elimination series, by playing pristine League of Legends on the Xayah alongside the rest of his team.

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Game 3: Scrim Mode G2

Well I guess scrims do play a part in the end as G2 finally manage to beat Fnatic and complete the sweep as a banger of Game 3 finally ends with crisp teamplay from all the G2 members. I unironically got some flashbacks to the Dream Team G2 as both BrokenBlade and Flakked have been playing out of their minds recently, closely resembling their 2019 counterparts. Wunder on Gangplank tried his damndest to find picks with his barrels and bring Fnatic back into relevancy, but a combination of Razork and Hylissang’s mispositionings made it difficult, especially with G2 jumping at every opportunity.

With G2 surprise sweeping the super team of Fnatic like this, I am genuinely perplexed as to what to predict for the Finals tomorrow – will Larssen be able to hold up against a rejuvenated Caps? Will Odoamne be able to contain the terror that is BrokenBlade? Will Malrang, who I think is the best overall player in the LEC right now, be able to stifle Jankos’ rampant aggression or will the First Blood King claim yet another trophy?

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G2 vs FNC Series MVP: Caps

9-0 for G2 in their lower bracket run and 3-0 for Caps as MVP for those series as far as I’m concerned. The man has been constantly getting better and better with each game and has completely turned around criticism around his lackluster regular season with tremendous impact all throughout his games on a myriad of picks. It hit boiling point in this series against Humanoid, who embarrassed him in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals by blindpicking LeBlanc and carrying the entire series, as Caps simply ran circles around Humanoid and the rest of Fnatic. He has reached the apex of his form throughout the lower bracket run, with only Larssen and Rogue remaining to stand in his way of his 7th LEC trophy.

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Berlin, Germany – April 9: — during the 2022 League of Legends European Championship Series Spring Semifinals at the LEC Studio (Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games)