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Bensen’s car floor mat materials have anti-slip/anti-slip properties, as they have a non-slip bottom for maximum safety while driving.

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Feature of Car Floor Mat Material:

3D floor mats can bring a premium visual feel to your car. Its color variety, the accessories that could be used to match the atmosphere silk circle and carpet, different matching will bring different effects. The 3D floor mats produced by Bensen have a high degree of fit under the feet, which can reduce safety hazards when driving. In addition, the car mats produced by Bensen have anti-slip bottom, and different anti-slip materials could meet your different needs.

Details of Car Floor Mat Material:

- High-quality environmental protection leather. The leather used in Bensen's production of foot mats is high-end environmentally friendly leather, which has good wear resistance and water and dirt resistance.

- High-density rebound sponge. The sponge plays a role in increasing the softness of the footbed, reducing noise when driving, as well as support. The sponge used by Bensen is high-density rebound sponge, which can achieve the effect that other sponges can not reach.

- A variety of anti-slip equipment. The bottom has a variety of anti-slip design, you can tell us your preferences by email, we will recommend the most suitable foot pad material for you.

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