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Compared to other leathers, PVC leather is easier to plasticize and better to clean, often with a wet towel or wet paper towel. Most of the PVC leathers made by Bensen are in stock, please contact us if you need more details or samples.

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Introduction of Fake Leather PVC:

Our Fake Leather PVC is finished with Fabric, Expanded Layer (Foam Layer), Skin Layer (Surface Layer) and Surface Coating.

1. Surface Coating:

Can use normally chemical make the surface mat or shiny.

Can use PU chemical to make the softer and smooth hand feeling like PU leather.

Can make nubuck, Jumbuck and brush Finish, also can be slip-not, anti-scrach, etc.

2. Skin Layer (Surface Layer) : the thickness of the skin layer effects the strength of the surface.

3. Expanded Layer (Foam Layer): the expended layer makes the leather softer, better hand feeling and more thickness.The expand rate have to be controlled very well. If the Expand Rate is too high, the leather will become weak.

4. Fabric: The better tearing strength of the backing fabric the better strength of the leather.

Feature of Fake Leather PVC:

Waterproof, Anti-Mildew, Abrasion-Resistant, Fire-Resistant

Fake Leather PVC Parameters:

Name. Fake Leather PVC Thickness 0.4 - 2.0mm or customized
Material PVC artificial leather With 54/55" or customized
Backing Custom backing Packing 45 meters per roll as customized
Pattern As pictures Feature Scratch resistant,mildew resistant
Color Custom color MOQ 500 maters/yards

Application of Fake Leather PVC:

PVC leather, PVC artificial leather, synthetic leather, which apply to car seat, car pad, sofa, hand bag, luggage, notebook cover, etc.


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