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Eco-friendly Automotive Microfiber Leather for Car Material

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Bensen’s microfiber leather has high abrasion resistance, comfort and tensile strength. Since Bensen has its own factory, it is able to offer more competitive prices and higher quality products. For more details about our products, please feel free to contact us.

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Microfiber leather, also known as microfiber-reinforced PU leather, is an artificial leather with properties most similar to those of natural leather. Microfiber usually refers to fibers below 0.033tex (5um), which is a new material with unlimited potential use. Microfiber synthetic leather is composed of two parts: microfiber and polyurethane. The microfiber is cross-linked in three dimensions and plays the role of skeleton and support.

Bensen's microfiber leather forms a structure similar to that of leather collagen fibers. The polyurethane distributed around the fibers makes the entire synthetic leather base fabric form a single unit. And it forms a micro-fine permeable three-dimensional network.

Microfiber leather has the following advantages.

1. The surface is easy to clean, and the tissue structure is similar to natural leather

2. Compared with PVC leather, it has higher wear resistance, high tear and tensile strength

3. Compared with natural leather, it has about the same breathability, but the microfiber leather does better in aging resistance

4. Microfiber leather also has very good cold resistance and comfortable hand feeling

5. The fastness of microfiber leather is comparable to that of natural leather. Microfiber bending at room temperature can reach 200,000 times without cracks, low temperature bending 30,000 times without cracks.

6. Acid resistance, alkali resistance, good chemical resistance, superior environmental performance


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