League of Legends Wild Rift: New Event Skins (1 WR Exclusive)

Some new skins are coming to Wild Rift including an exclusive one just for mobile.

The Sentinels of Light event makes its way to League of Legends: Wild Rift with seven new skins. Mobile fans should be excited, not only do you get to participate in all of the event fun but you can also look forward to a brand new exclusive skin just for you guys. It wouldn’t be right if everyone got a little something except for the mobile gamers.

Even though they’re supposed to release on Jul 27 they won’t be available until 5:01pm PST (8:01 EST). So for everyone looking for the skins just be patient, they’re on the way it’ll just be a slight delay. Let’s take a second to go over all of the skins coming to Wild Rift for the event.

You’ll have access to buy Sentinel Irelia, Sentinel Riven, and Sentinel Vayne. All of which have been fully imported over from the regular game meaning their cosmetics and animations will be exactly the same.

Sentinel Irelia is still one of my personal favorites out of the entire Sentinel skin set. Her battle armor is sleek and sharp. Almost as sharp as her daggers that glow with a light aura as she struts around the rift.

Sentinel Irelia

Riot Games

Sentinel Riven

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Sentinel Vayne

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In opposition to the Sentinels, players will also be able to purchase Ruined Draven, Ruined Shyana, and Ruined Miss Fortune. These are also fully imported over from the regular game with their cosmetics and animations the same.

Ruined Shyvana is the coolest out of the three for me. Not only does her regular form look great but the dragon is absolutely menacing. This might actually be the best Shyvana skin so far in the game but only time will tell.

Ruined Shyvana

Riot Games

Ruined Draven

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Ruined Miss Fortune

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The thing that players should be most excited about however is the Battle Academia Akshan skin that will be available exclusively on Wild Rift. Honestly, this isn’t the most flashy skin and cosmetically it isn’t far off from his base character. But the exclusivity absolutely helps, if you’re an Akshan player and you’re just a little tired of the character this should absolutely be a pick-up for you.

Battle Academia Akshan

Riot Games

Keep an eye out for these skins to go live so you can pick up your favorites. There isn’t any word on pricing but more than likely the skins will be priced at 990 wild cores. Check into our website for more updates on all things League of Legends.