LEC Summer 2022 Week 3 Day 2: Razork jungle diffs Jankos to lead Fnatic past G2!

Razork jungle diffs Jankos to lead Fnatic past G2!

The latest installment of G2 vs. Fnatic did not quite live up to the legendary games of days gone by, since Fnatic, and particularly Razork, did not give G2 any chance to get up and get back in the fight.

It was a shocking jungle performance out of Jankos – I have not seen him get jungle diffed quite this bad in a rather long time, and by a player who has been a fly on the wall for most of this year on his new Fnatic superteam.

Jankos’s decision making in early skirmishes were quite slow, and he often found himself mispositioned multiple times in the early stages, where Trundle is supposed to be at his strongest.

Berlin, Germany – July 2 — during the 2022 League of Legends European Championship Series Week 3 at the LEC Studio on July 2 2022 in Berlin Germany (Photo by Wojciech Wandzel/Riot Games)

Where the veteran faltered, the sophomore picked up steam. Razork’s Viego was completely unleashed on the map, taking over skirmishes with expert movement . With Hylissang’s Zilean providing him with necessary utility, he ran rampant, picking off G2 members left, right and center.

The Corki first pick from G2 is not necessarily a problem, but I couldn’t help but feel Coach Dylan Falcon tunneled too hard on the B4 Trundle counter to Fnatic’s R4 Ornn.

G2’s signature mid/jg combo, which is the biggest proponent of all their wins, did not have any early game threat with Corki/Trundle. It didn’t help G2’s matters that Targamas was the only farm of engage on Rakan, which robbed them of any chance to reliably generate plays for themselves.

G2’s MSI fatigue might be kicking in as we start to approach the middle of the split. The reigning champions have gone 0-2 this week, owing to their very tough schedule here in Week 3.

On the other hand, this was Fnatic’s cleanest week thus far, beating down both strong and weak teams with extreme prejudice. We will see if this week is a one-off or if the superteam has finally found its footing within the LEC!

MVP: Razork (1)