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Car Upholstery Microfiber Leather Fabric Interior Decoration Leather

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It is the artificial leather with the highest technological content at present. The high-quality microfiber leather combines the advantages of many leathers. It is stronger and more durable than leather, easy to process, and has a high utilization rate.

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SpecificationAdvantages and disadvantage of microfiber leather fabric

The advantages of microfiber leather are outstanding in terms of chemical resistance, wrinkle resistance, abrasion resistance, processability, and quality uniformity:

1. The fold fastness is comparable to that of natural leather. Normal temperature bending reaches 200,000 times without cracks and low temperature (-20 degrees Celsius) bending 30,000 times without cracks (good temperature resistance and mechanical properties).

2. Moderate elongation (good skin feel).

3. High tear strength and peel strength (high abrasion resistance, tear strength, tensile strength).

4. There will be no pollution from production to use, and the environmental performance is superior.

The disadvantage of microfiber leather is that there is a little difference in comfort, breathability and moisture permeability from leather.

microfiber leather fabric application

microfiber leather fabric is widely used in shoes, bags, leather goods, clothing, furniture, sports products, packaging, decoration, car seat cover, etc.

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