News on the upcoming mid-season changes to buffs

Season Six is flying by, and that means that mid-season changes will be here before we know it.

About a week ago, Riot released their thoughts on the current state of the game and where they hope to take things once the mid-season hits.

Riot is planning on doing a lot of things, and changing up neutral objectives for the better is one of them. There are a lot of things to complain about in the current state of the game, and Dragon not being that important is high on the list. Luckily, in the aforementioned article, it was stated that Riot would make both Dragon and Rift Herald more valuable. This could mean a lot of things, and one of those options would be changing the buffs given from those monsters.

Yesterday, Andrei “Meddler” van Roon – League’s Lead Gameplay Designer – confirmed on the League of Legends boards that the buff(s) from Dragon are being changed. “One other piece of context that might be useful when looking at the revised AP items is that there are also changes to Blue and Dragon buff incoming. Blue buff will reward restore a greater proportion of max mana pools per tick (1.0 percent instead of 0.5 percent), while one of the Dragon buffs is shifting to a model where it restores percent missing health and mana occasionally,” said Meddler.

The change of the Dragon buff sound very interesting. A buff that restores percent missing health and mana would be a buff worth fighting for, and that shows that Riot really is working towards making Dragon meaningful again. Now we have to wonder how many more changes Dragon will receive. It would be nice to see at least one more buff change on the objective, and making it worth gold again seems vital to its importance.

Blue buff getting a change that big is surprising. Doubling the amount of mana it restores is a huge change that will make it even more important for mid laners to get. It’s already difficult for a mid laner without Blue buff to lane against someone who has the buff, and the upcoming change to Blue will make this matchup nearly impossible to win for the person without the buff.

If Riot is going as far as to make Blue buff a lot stronger, what other changes are they going to surprise us with? It’s safe to assume that Rift Herald will receive some big changes. Is it possible that they would touch Baron at all? Whatever happens, it looks like the mid-season changes should be great for the game.

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