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Compared with PVC leather, PU leather has better hand feel as well as wear resistance. The PU leather produced by Bensen is environment-friendly, if you need PU leather, please feel free to contact us.

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Introduction of PU Leather:

With the rapid development of PU (polyurethane ) synthetic leather technology, some new models of international brands have gradually started to use PU synthetic leather and tend to high physical properties of PU synthetic leather.

In the start development of PVC leather technology, domestic synthetic leather enterprises lag far behind Europe. But  in the research and application of PU synthetic leather,we keep up with the international technical trend by starting early, high starting point, rapid development speed, and has become the center of PU synthetic leather in the world.

In automobile industry was listed in the backdrop of the pillar industries in our country, the development of the auto industry bring prosperity to car inner upholster industry and  synthetic leather in our country. With the improvement of the auto localization rate and the function of the car interior, environmental protection and other requirement. It is an important opportunity for domestic synthetic leather manufacturers to replace imported products, improve the grade and quality of automotive interior leather, and accelerate the R&D and application of PU synthetic leather in automotive interior leather.

Detail of PU Leather:

Material Non-woven fabric+ polyurethane
Backing Non-woven or knitted fabric
Thickness 0.4mm - 1.5mm
Width 135±2cm
Color Customized
Hand feel Soft, hard, make as customer’s requirement
Packing Roll packing, 30/50 meters per roll
MOQ 500 meters
Features Waterproof, anti-mildew, abrasion-resistant
Delivery Time 3-15 working days
Application Cars upholsters

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