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Car Floor Carpet

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Bensen’s silk circle is made of natural and environmentally friendly high-quality PVC resin compound, through high-temperature melting and extrusion, molded into a silk strip attached to the PVC backing, after dozens of processes exquisite. The product has not added oxidized paraffin wax, which is harmful to health, and is healthy and odorless. The discarded pieces and products are a recyclable thermoplastic resin.

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pvc car mats have coils and full set
The coil has non-slip bottom and flat bottom
Size: 1.2*9m 12m or full set    full set  : 75*60cm 2pcs,  150cm*60cm 1pcs;
The colors are mainly black-red, black-grey, black-purple, black, beige and coffee, or as you required
PVC car mat adopts natural and environmentally friendly high-quality PVC resin compound, which is melted and extruded at high temperature to be shaped into a thread attached to the PVC backsheet.
The product does not add oxidized paraffin that is harmful to health, and it is healthy and has no peculiar smell. The discarded chips and products are a thermoplastic resin that can be recycled.
Utilize unique production process,Three-layer spiral structure on the surface,Good flexibility,It is antibacterial and mildew proof, will not breed bacteria, is dirt-resistant and easy to wash, can store water and sand in rainy days, and does not affect normal driving. Easy to clean, tap the bottom 3-5 times on the reverse side and rinse with clean water.
There is a cleat bottom at the bottom, which is safe to slip. Safe and non-slip.

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