2022 LEC Summer W1D2: Patrik and Excel Annihilate Fnatic; Misfits Will Miss Playoffs This Split

Excel annihilate Fnatic in an epic upset, owing to their franchise player in Patrik. Misfits will miss playoffs this split due to meta and inexperience.

Misfits vs Vitality

Vitality bounce back in a big way after their loss to the MAD Lions to take down a Misfits team that seems to be hurtling back into irrelevance, just like their new top laner. Vitality have definitely improved their coordination and map play, owing to their early game buff invades that were virtually nonexistent when Selfmade was in the lineup.

Perkz had himself a stormer of a game on Corki, drawing his teammates to his lane to beat down Vetheo and catapult his build, devastating Misfits in mid game states and being the genius playmaker even on a backline champion like Corki.

With assassins being deleted from the meta and slow, controlled play reigning supreme, the reigning MVP is struggling to find his footing in a seemingly unfavorable meta.

Gone are the days where Vetheo can carry his failing team on Akali or Yasuo; it’s all about controlled play leading into teamfights and Misfits don’t seem to stand a chance in that traditional meta with three players who don’t even have a full year under their belts yet…

MVP: Perkz (1)

Berlin, Germany – June 18 — during the 2021 League of Legends European Championship Series Week 1 at the LEC Studio on June 18 2022 in Berlin Germany (Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games)

Excel vs Fnatic

Patrik puts up one of his best performances in recent memory as Excel simply rout Fnatic in an epic upset. The superteam seemed to be discombobulated as they perhaps took Excel too lightly after their victory against Rogue yesterday, having mistimed engages where one person went after another instead of converging simultaneously.

Nukeduck’s Lissandra and Mikyx’s Braum were pivotal in setting up icy zones of control to peel for Patrik in fights, where the Excel star simply danced around Fnatic, ripping them to shreds with his spears.

This Excel looked very decent against Vitality in the playoffs last split – the same Vitality who gave the eventual champions a decent run for their money.

With another off season to fully prepare with their roster and the meta suiting their innate playstyle of enabling Patrik, Excel are looking like an early dark horse alongside MAD Lions.

MVP: Patrik (1)