2022 LEC Summer W1D3: Perkz and Humanoid Mid Diff the Opposition

Both Perkz and Humanoid pick up MVPs in their respective games, following some serious mid diff onto their opposition as Vitality and Fnatic pick up wins.

BDS vs Vitality

Vitality manage to take down BDS in a game with a whole host of comedy of errors, featuring plays with no synergy, nonexistent communication, and feather-brained limit testing. BDS got off to a rampaging start chiefly off their rookie top laner Agresivoo, whose exceptional Akali play led BDS to winning early skirmishes.

However BDS’s inexperience in mid game states started to show and they flipped their advantageous position on Baron, got it stolen and it was all downhill from there. Perkz had himself a good game on his Yone, finding key engages with the ultimate in order to start the fights in Vitality’s favor.

He even ended the game himself, xPeke style, thwarting a BDS that was making a very last minute surge to try and salvage their game.

MVP: Perkz (2)

Berlin, Germany – June 19 — during the 2021 League of Legends European Championship Series Week 1 at the LEC Studio on June 19 2022 in Berlin Germany (Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games)

SK Gaming vs Fnatic

It looked hairy at the start for Fnatic with Gilius’s proactive plays on Volibear, pulling SK Gaming to an early gold lead and a lot of tempo going into the mid game. However Humanoid had other plans, and pulled the game away from SK with his daringly aggressive Corki plays.

Aided by Razork and Hylissang, Humanoid used his Package cooldowns to repeatedly blow summoners and eventually take him down, allowing Fnatic an opening in which they swiftly capitalized, turning it into a Baron and finishing the game off from there.

Jezu had a subpar game after his MVP performance on Day 1, constantly getting picked off by Humanoid and generally being a jittery mess throughout the game. Sertuss had a disappointing game against the teamfight engage threat that Fnatic drafted, especially Hylissang’s legendary Rakan making living a living hell for him in these fights.

MVP: Humanoid (1)