Assassin update gives Rengar a change to nearly every ability

Rengar will be much better off after the assassin update.

An assassin update isn’t absolutely necessary in League of Legends, but a rework to Rengar is something the game has desperately needed for a long period of time.

Rengar has been one of the most polarizing champions in the entire game due to a style of play and kit that lead to very unhealthy games. Balance is always key in League, but how can you balance something that has seemed so unbalanceable?

Little changes here and there was never going to help Rengar. Riot tried that route, and if anything, it hurt Rengar even more by turning him into a clunky mess.

A rework was the only answer for this kitty, and while he didn’t necessarily receive a full rework, Riot took full advantage of the assassin update — something they hinted at months ago. A total of 10 champions got some form of change, but Rengar received changes to every single ability except for one — his E.

Check out the new and improved jungle assassin.

Unseen Predator will still allow Rengar to jump out of a brush to auto attack, but it will now also generate one stack of Ferocity. At four stacks of Ferocity, Rengar’s next ability will become empowered and he will gain movement speed.

Bonetooth Necklace has also been made much healthier as Rengar will only gain trophies for each unique champion he takes down. Rengar will receive a permanent increase to his attack damage for each trophy he gets.

His Q will be identical to what it’s always been, but rest assured that it has been updated. Savagery now slashes enemies in an arc in front of Rengar, followed by a piercing strike. This generates one stack of Ferocity, and its damage will be massively increased if cast with full Ferocity.

Battle Roar has also been updated, and it may have received the biggest buff. Rengar’s W still generates one stack of Ferocity and deals magic damage, but it now also heals Rengar for a portion of the damage he has taken in the last few moments. But here’s the kicker. If cast with four stacks of Ferocity, Battle Roar will remove all existing CC effects and prevent incoming CC for a short duration.

The last update is to Thrill of the Hunt. The ultimate will stealth Rengar for a long period of time and give him a movement speed boost, but it will also allow Rengar to see the nearest enemy champion to him from a very far distance. Rengar can then leap to the target for a guaranteed critical strike.

These actually sound like great updates to Rengar’s kit, and everyone should hope that these changes put Rengar in a good state. If this doesn’t work, Riot will likely have to give him a full rework, and that’s something that wouldn’t be able to happen for an extremely long time.

Here’s to making League a healthier game.

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