Rotating Game Mode: Legend of the Poro King is live

The second weekend of the Rotating Game Mode queue has launched with Legend of the Poro King.


The Rotating Game Mode queue launched last weekend with Ascension as the first fun mode to play.

Ascension isn’t the most popular of the extra game modes, but the new queue seemed successful after the first weekend. The strongest complaint from people is that it wasn’t long enough, and that’s probably the best complaint something like this could have.

For this weekend, the community has been given Legend of the Poro King. It will run until the early hours of Monday morning.

Similar to Ascension, Legend of the Poro King is another meh game mode. Is it different? Sure. Is it a lot of fun? Well, maybe to some people.

It’s odd that Riot would launch a new queue like this and not open it with some of the all-time favorite game modes, but maybe that was their plan all along. Think about it, the Rotating Game Mode launched last weekend which was the semifinals for both Europe and North America, and this weekend is the finals. Riot wouldn’t want something like Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode available during those events, because a lot of people would probably tune out the playoffs for some URF – and that’s not what Riot wants.

To further back up this theory, URF will be the next game mode in line. That’s right, one of the most anticipated game modes of all-time will be live right after after Europe and North America are done with their playoffs. That can’t be by coincidence.

The Rotating Game Mode queue actually really heats up after this weekend. After URF, the next two game modes are Hexakill and One For All – and both of those modes are very popular in the community.

Make sure to participate in the Rotating Game Mode, because there’s a chance that Riot will extend the length of it if the reasoning is there.