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What is TPE

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is a kind of Thermoplastic Elastomer material, with high strength, high resilience, injection molding processing characteristics, a wide range of applications, environmental protection, non-toxic safety, excellent tinting.

● TPE material historical development stage:

✧  The 1950s, when elastomers were first used commercially;

✧  The 1990s, when elastomers met the honeycomb grid pressure-release technology in aviation;

✧  The creation of the world's first pressure-relieving seat cushion for wheelchairs, which was soon applied to medical care beds;

✧  The preterm infant nest cushions, where elastomeric pressure-release meshes became the world's most advanced cushioning technology;

✧  In the twenty-first century, when the elastomer pressure-release grid was first expanded in the home industry, it quickly set off a wave abroad, and its excellent pressure-release performance and ultra-high comfort changed the sleep of thousands of people; "elastomer pressure-release grid" to achieve a qualitative leap, from then on, sleep without "pressure.

TPE material can withstand high temperature and low temperature (-50-100℃), excellent fluidity, oil resistance, excellent flexibility, excellent environmental protection, to meet the needs of customers for products with high weather resistance. TPE material for car foot mats is becoming more and more common.

● Application scope of TPE material:

❖ Baby products (baby pacifiers)

❖ Medical devices (medical infusion sets)

❖ High-end products (golf clubs)

❖ Automotive supplies (car floor mats)

 Advantages of TPE materials:

1.TPE is an internationally recognized environmental-friendly material. It is more safe to use this material to produce car floor mats in high temperature cars.

2.TPE car decorative floor mats has large soft and hard range, good flexibility, high and low temperature resistance, not easy to deform, and good anti-skid effect.

3.TPE material is environmentally friendly, elastic, wear-resistant, and recyclable. Bensen makes full use of these advantages on the car floor mat.

4.is very convenient, TPE mat is not as cumbersome as silk ring mat, not as cumbersome as leather mat, but also injection molding, not too dirty, cleaning up very convenient and fast, beautiful and very simple.

5.TPE material to make the foot pad skid resistant and durable, and its own material is non-toxic and tasteless without plasticizer, safety is very high.

6.Durability is different from some other advantages of foot pads, if it is normal use, 5-6 years is no problem.


● Advantages of TPE floor mats:

1.  Digitally molded 3D shape, perfectly lining the contours of car floor of each model.

2.  Tailored and custom fit. Each model of car mat is exclusive for each car model.

3.  Made of eco-friendly, and healthy low density TPE, which will endure years of use.

4.  No-slip and odorless car mat provide a fresh and elegant lining protection.

5.  Stand up in all weather conditions, rainy, sunny, windy or snowy days.

6.  Greatly protect against soda, coffee spills, mud, dust, snow or accidents.

7.  Easy and economic clean and maintenance. Just remove the clean with water.

8.  BCTC certified to ensure the ultimate quality guarantees.

9.  100% recyclable and free of cadmium, lead, latex and PVC.


● How to take care of TPE foot mats:

1.Rinse and dry

TPE foot mats in the rinsing process can be directly washed with water, you can also add the appropriate corrosive cleaning agent is not strong, after washing can be forcefully shaken, the water stains will be shaken dry, put in the ventilation to dry.

2.Wipe with a damp cloth

The leather envelope can not directly take the water gun rinse, because the water is easy to get into the laminated mold. The daily cleaning of the leather large surround can be done by simply wiping it with a wet rag and waiting for it to dry naturally.



Use a small vacuum cleaner with a bristle brush to remove dust from the surface, just like you do with your carpets at home. And the dust inside the crack, can be cleaned with a small vacuum cleaner.

4.Warm water immersion

TPE material is suitable for maternal and child products and medical field, because the surface layer of TPE floor mat can adsorb dust and stains in the surface guide groove when TPE processing, the material is waterproof and can withstand the temperature of -50°~75°, so warm water can be used to soak, warm water can directly wash off the surface of the fixtures. But usually use water can be washed clean, if sticky hard to wash stains can be soaked with warm water. No additives do not contain formaldehyde, made of car floor mats can do no odor and zero formaldehyde, so it has become a new generation of environmental protection car floor mats.

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